Illusion or not,am secure!

When I was of tender age,I sought shelter in my parents.If anyone tried to hurt me,I would threaten to report him/her to daddy or mummy.They were my security.My everything.Dad was my engineer,my cop,my teacher…I always believed mum could heal all aches.And because of my faith,I was safe in their arms.

Then there came a time when they had to let me out of their nest;and it dawned on me that they were nowhere to turn to. I was alone.I ventured into the harsh world with nothing but a timid heart-a little innocent creature.I encountered its cruelty and dived into its animosity;I was lied to,scorned,insulted,harassed,undermined,misjudged and often got my heart ripped out.I cried countless times.But I did not quit.I knew that I had to fend for myself.

It was time to fight my own battles.Whatever means,I was going to win,for, I am no quitter.I had to figure out a way to survive without my parent’s wings.After all what had I to tell my little ones in future?I am not Goliath;speaks volumes about my scope of options.It had nothing to do with physical might.I was left with only my sturdy brain to lean against, mental might.I put it to tests severally.It did fail,sometimes.Notable though,is the fact that every time it failed,something else was propelling the failure.I looked into the matter critically and eventually succeeded in finding an everlasting solution.

Here is what I found out:

The “thing” obscuring my success in this arena was actually the heart.A small organ -located somewhere in the left ribcage-but also a very vital one.Without it,we can’t be alive, so getting rid of it was definitely not an option.Why it was behind all this is because,as we’ve all noted,it tends to misbehave quite often.It will want to stay somewhere when all the brain and the rest of the body wants is to take off at a full throttle speed.It’s a powerfully weak organ.

Every time I failed, it was because my heart refused to let go.To let go of what was holding me back,maybe what was even breaking me down.

In order to be in charge,I decided to teach it a lesson the hard way;I resolved to put my brain in control of everything.It is the one to decide what I let into the heart if at all there’s anything to.This was the boldest step I ever made in this quest for security in my small world.I don’t regret it till date.Never have I looked back.

The brain is doing an incredible job.However,i must admit that the heart is still fighting strongly to reclaim it’s powers although I have adamantly refused to hand them over.Can’t.Won’t.I simply don’t trust it.

As long as I can control what consumes my mind,I can control me.Consequently I control what gets into that stupid small thing.I, therefore,need not worry about who hurt me whenever because all that’s required of me is to turn my switch,to the memory location of the specific ordeal in the brain,off.

This is how I grew spare wings to cover myself from the cruelty of the hazardous world.

The day I learnt to let go.Of the things I can’t control.

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