• UN Digital Wellbeing Act: is passed to combat social media algorithms maximised for addictive effect.
  • News headline: “16 year old Lucy from Mars meets her pen pal on earth after half a decade chatting online”
  • Giver Taker Index: is a new valuation system for companies to strengthen collaborative competition. It’s a program or system that evaluates how many digital resources (APIs, open-source code, open data etc) a company uses and how many it provides for others. Based on this evaluation, a score is generated which determines whether you are a taker, giver or neutral company. In a next step, giver companies could, for example, receive benefits from the state.
  • Safe Space: is a room you can rent a room where there is no internet connection or devices allowed, to ensure that any kind of tracking or spying is impossible. This is a concept that Fortune 500 companies already have in place, that could be made accessible for the public.




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