How does 3D Hubs HD Change Your Friday AM?

The Prized Gyroid

A can’t help smiling when I remember the excitement we experienced 5 years ago as we held our first print. I say ‘our’, but really it was his. One of the few non-communal possessions in our house.

My husband was finishing off his Physics PhD in the UK (yes, it’s relevant I didn’t just throw that in) and we were visiting friends in the SEAS faculty at Harvard. As a congratulatory gift one member of the group had 3D printed a gyroid, a structure which formed the base of Alex’s thesis. WOW! A 3D Print. A 3D print on an industrial machine. Even as a PhD and then Postdoc there were no desktop, let alone industrial 3D printers, accessible to him. It was a trip to Boston and the generosity of a group ‘on the inside’ that landed that two color gyroid in pride of place on our mantle piece.

A lot has changed in 5 years. I for one am working at 3D Hubs — the largest network of 3D printers in the world. Last week we launched 3D Hubs HD (High Definition), adding industrial grade SLS 3D printers to our already vast network of desktop 3D printers. Yay! But what on earth does this mean for you on Friday October 16, 2015?

The addition of industrial grade printers to the 3D Hubs network means that you won’t have to travel to Boston to have your own 3D print in the most cutting edge material and printed on the most up-to-date industrial machine. You don’t have to work in a factory or have ‘R&D’ in your job title to get a design 3D printed. No matter where in the world you are you can now hop online and in a few clicks you can send a virtual design to be transformed into a physical reality.

The reality of today, Friday October 16, 2015, is that you have access to some of the most fantastic manufacturing equipment on the planet. You have access to machines that 5 years ago were not, and probably still aren’t, in some of the leading University labs in the world.

The question today is not, ‘What is the future of 3D printing?’ or ‘Is there a future beyond the hype?’. It is not, ‘How will 3D Hubs HD change your Friday?’, but rather ‘How will you use your access to this technology to change your Friday?’.