When do you remember learning what iconography meant? You know when you’re driving somewhere and you see a street sign with one of those round little headed people doing something that conveys important information instantly? It’s like we’ve just always known. That’s how much icons play a role in our lives.

They have just always been there telling us a important amounts of information, yet they have never said a word. This is the power of amazing iconography. Above is an example of a sign that educates hikers where the closest hiking trail is. We depend on them without realizing it to educate us on what may lie ahead.

Anyone who rides a bike, either for recreation or their main mode of transportation, knows all too well who this little guy is. Letting drivers know this area of the road is designated to bikers ensures of their safety.

Children at play icon gives driver’s important information instantly to slow down and be aware, as there may be children at play. This icon creates awareness to ensure the safety of our children.

If you have ever used the restroom in a public place, there is a good chance you’ve met these icons. They show what restroom belongs to what gender. Although lately separating bathrooms based on gender has gone under some scrutiny, these famous icons may soon be changing.

We can easily understand what each icon represents because they are pictorial representation of the message they are representing. Where as a symbol is something that needs to be learned. Symbols don’t always clearly communicate what message they are trying to convey.

The next time you’re out and about, stop and look around at the iconography that’s around you. What message are they trying to tell you?