Going from “Relationship” To “Friend” Without Getting It Twisted
The Bad Filipino

Let me start out by saying I STILL LOVE YOU. Please, please please hear me out. Myki. Your by far the MOST inspiration human being I’ve ever met, heard speak and have known. I love this blog/article. And it touched me tremendously. Its been sometime now. And honestly Myki ive tried following any & every social media “post”/pics you have put up almost everyday. I am really not sure how to go about this. But here goes my only shot. Since we’ve lost contact (our falling out). I’ve got help, advice and pretty much found myself. I can honestly say I’m back to the Nikki everyone loves. I’m no where Near my narcissistic, selfish/self-centered, wishy-washy, secrective & fucked up ways. That’s out and never coming back. Losing you was an equivalent to a lost loved one (and was beyond heart breaking). I’m so sorry — I’ve literally never wrote a blog or response like this ever. I’m trying my best Myki. I’m reaching out to you like I’ve never done before, hoping, preying to god that you listen, and maybe if there’s any miracle out there you reach back. I can’t STOP loving you. I’m in love with you Myki. To this VERY DAY! No lie, no games, no secrets, no nothing — - I need you in my life. Not for money, materialistic things at all; but you! The most amazing woman that I’ve ever met (besides my mama) and I can’t stop thinking of you morning noon night every day non stop, over every song, everything I shop or look at everywhere I go….. idk what to do anymore Myki! I talk to my mom every single day about you. I can’t stop. I’m broken inside without you and your love, unconditional affection and your amazing smile. Your touch let me feel secure, safe, and it felt like I was on cloud 9…. The problem I had was showing that appreciation and showing you the same amount or even more in return. And it haunts me to this day. Myki — - please please please if I could go to a church swear on a bible talk to god even I would do anything to have you back. I would trade anything in my life ( except my kids ) to have you back. I promis on my heart and soul, on my kids, on god himself ILL NEVER HURT YOU AGAIN. I love you Myki xo