I Had No Idea Strippers Used LinkedIn
The Bad Filipino

Your right about all of that. I was a mess. I was not myself. I’m deeply sorry Myki. I truely truely am. Look I’m reaching out to admit my faults I had and to apologize for the pain and trouble I gave you. I’m human Myki. I have got help and I’m happier than I ever have been with myself. I don’t just try and reach u to harass you or bug u- I’m trying to apologize deeply and just tell you I love you. I am human, we all are human we make mistakes and sometimes the mistakes are so big. Then what? Give up? I can’t give up. I don’t care how much you put me on blast on ur social / blogs. I agree I was fucked up. You didn’t deserve any of that. You deserve the world Myki. And I’m sorry.