90’s Glamour Makeup Tutorial ❤

A while ago when I was out shopping, I found this GORGEOUS denim jacket. The first thought that came to my mind was the style that this belonged to back in the 90’s. Then it hit me. I had to do a tutorial based around this denim jacket, Haha!

This look is very easy to do and very little amount of effort.. PERFECT!

Here is my take on a 90’s look, with some added bits of shimmer and sparkle. Keep scrolling down to see how I achieved the look!

(Here’s my video tutorial; short, easy, done :)

(from L to R) Urban Decay — Eyeshadow Primer Potion. Rimmel — Match Perfection Concealer.

Step 1: To start off, I use my primer. This helps to ensure that I will have a good base for the eye products to hold onto.

Step 2: Once the primer is blended into the skin, I go in with a skin-toned concealer. I place this all over the eye lid.

Urban Decay — Naked Skin Ultra Definition Pressed Finishing Powder.

Step 3: When the concealer is blended onto the lid, I set it with a powder. This is my ‘go-to’, as it matches my skin tone and helps to powder the tacky residue that concealers can leave on the skin.

Step 4: Next step, sticky tape time :)

Line the tape underneath your bottom lash line and have it angled up towards the end of your brow.

MORPHE 35W Palette

Step 5: Firstly, I went in with a transition shade. This is the colour that will give your eyeshadow that ‘gradual effect’ from the crease going outwards :)

Step 6: Once I have placed the 1st shade onto the lid, I went in the neutral-warm toned brown (showing in the photo on the right), and placed this directly inside of my crease, focusing most of the colour on the outer third of my eye.

*** When it comes to adding colour to your lids either lighter or darker, make sure that you have a ‘blending brush’. This will help to diffuse the pigment that was placed on the area and to evenly spread out that shade. (Remember the ‘’light-to-dark’’ gradual effect :)

(from L to R) NYX Cosmetics -Matte Liquid Liner. Ardell — Glamour Lashes, no. 105

Step 7: Line the lashes with your favourite black liner. Depending on what type of wing liner you want, I start out thin from the inner third of my eye and thicken it out towards the tail.

The liquid liner I’m using here works wonders; it glides on smoothly and dries matte, YAASSS!

Step 8: Grab yourself a pair of lashes. Make sure that they’re fuller at the root and lusciously-long towards the ends. You know what, just grab whatever lashes you want. I just want to have your lashes yell out to people across the street and say ‘’HELLOOOO!’’

(from L to R) NYX Cosmetics — Glam Liner Aqua Luxe — Glam Nude. Loreal — Infallible Eyeshadow, in the shade ‘Hourglass Beige’

Step 9: To add some shimmer and sparkle to this look, I went in with my trusty Liquid liner and placed this onto my inner tear duct, along the TOP of my black liner, and following it towards the end of the black liner.

Step 10: Once the liner is placed above the existing black liner, I went in this shimmery eyeshadow onto the inner tear duct. I really wanted to make it pop!

(from L to R) NYX Cosmetics — Skinny Mascara. Too Faced — Better Than Sex Mascara, Waterproof.

Step 11: Coat those lashes with some mascara!

For my bottom lashes, I apply the NYX skinny mascara. It adds some length but not going over the top :)

For the top lashes, I applied my Too Faced mascara. I wanted to make my top lashes really stand out and be one of the ‘stand out’ features for this look.

** Before the look is complete, grab yourself a brown shade of lipstick. I went in with my FAVOURITE, NYX Cosmetics — Lingerie Lipstick in the shade ‘Beauty Mark’.***


Thank you so much for checking out my latest tutorial.

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