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A Natural’ish Eye makeup Look.

The last few weeks, I’ve been mucking around with makeup and have been experimenting with different eyeshadow colours and eyeliners. At last I had found a perfect look for the eyes. If you’re wanting to look absolutely gorgeous, without overly doing it, then check out these pic’s below — a basic step by step, on how I completed this eye look.

Keeping in mind, I prefer to have my eye makeup done BEFORE I start my face… It works for me.. it’s easier to clean up the eyes if there was to be any mistakes. Whatever works for you go for it! FYI, The last few pic’s, I have my ‘face’ on.. whereas the first few shots, I have no foundation on :) ❤

NYX — Dark Circle Concealer.

Step 1: I go in with this product. It helps to correct any darkness or dullness under or around the eye. It’s creamy texture is ideal and great to work with, as it blends beautifully into my skin.

Rimmel London — Match Perfection Concealer

Step 2: Once I have corrected my discolouration, I go in with a skin-toned concealer. This one in particular matches my skin tone instantly after it is applied to my skin. When applied to the area, I blend it out. This helps to give ‘the next step’ something to hold onto (the base).

Step 3: Once the concealer is on, I go in with my Loreal — True Match powdered foundation, with my ‘all-over’ eyeshadow brush. The powder helps set the concealer and gives the eyeshadow a base to work on top of, without it slipping or melting off.

I use this powder also, as my eyeshadow colour; its neutral, its of a matted formula. Perfect for working with a ‘natural’ eye look. :)

Sticky Tape. (my secret weapon)

Step 4: Straight after setting my eyes, I go in with some basic crafting tape. You’re able to buy yourself a tape like this from anywhere; your local supermarket or any convenience store :)

When I place the tape down, I have it on an angle. As seen in the 2nd shot, I have my tape alined under my bottom lashes, angled up towards the END of my brow, (The ideal angle for winging your liner).

NYX — Gel Liner & Smudger in the shade ‘Brown’ (Charlotte)

Step 5: Once the tape is placed on, I go in with an angled ‘eyeliner brush’ and place the product onto my eyes. The tape helps to make the eye-look sharper and cleaner; so if you make a mistake and draw onto the tape, it can be wiped off straight away with no residue left.

I only have the eyeliner thinner towards the middle and inner corner of my eye, as we want to have a gradual form, from thin to THICK. Heading out towards the brow, I thicken the line, not too thick.. just enough to make your lash line appear ‘thicker’ and fuller.

Step 6: Once we have lined our eyes, we go in with our false lashes. If you don’t feel comfortable with applying the lashes, no need to worry :). You’re able to still pop on some mascara and you’re all good to go!

Once you have applied the adhesive to the lash, give it around 30 seconds; to make sure the glue will become tacky (easier to work with IF you need to move it around).

As you can see in the 2nd shot, the glue is visible to the eye. No need to cause a fuss, I’ve got a solution :). Let the glue dry for a bit, and (shown in the 3rd photo), use the eyeliner product onto the area where the glue was shown. This will help to cover it and hide the residue.

Rimmel London — Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kajal Pencil

Step 7: I go in with my nude-coloured eye pencil. This goes directly onto my water line.

This colour helps to give you the appearance of bigger eyes, as it imitates your skin tone. BAMM! Haha :) You can use white eye pencils, but a skin-toned colour would be a better choice… AND you don’t see the nude shade as much as a white pencil would leave on.

MORPHE — 35N palette.

Step 8: Once I have got my ‘face base’ on, I go in with a natural-toned eyeshadow for under my eye. This will help to deepen your eye socket and give you the appearance of a more prominent eye shape.

I go in with medium toned browns and beiges along the bottom lash line and stretch that out along the entire underneath area :)

Step 9: Once the colours are in place with the a dense eyeshadow brush, I go in with my ‘fluffy buffing brush’. This helps to soften the colouring underneath; preventing your eye socket looking ‘too-heavy’.

Loreal — Infallible eyeshadow in the shade ‘Iced Latte’

Step 10: After placing the eyeshadow underneath the eye, I place this beautiful shimmery eyeshadow into my ‘inner’ corner. This helps to lighten the the inner area of the eye :) You can even place this under the highest part of your brow, as I place it at the arch; giving you a ‘lifted’ brow and eye appearance.

Maybelline — Lash Sensational Mascara ❤

Step 11: Pop your mascara on :) Make sure that you are placing more of the product on the top lashes rather than the bottom.

Step 12: TAKE A SELFIE!!!!

Thank you so much for checking out my latest on an ‘everyday’ eye makeup look. If you have at all any questions, let me know :)

Head over to my Instagram page, as there will be more updates and imagery about all things ‘life and beauty’ ❤ ❤

Insta: @nikki.cross95

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