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I can say with full confidence that throughout my life during primary school, I had full-on luscious brows; they were also given the nickname of ‘’John Howard’’ brows.. Hahaha! Once I reached yr. 7 that all changed. I thought that starting fresh in high school, that I should also do something about my wild brows, so I had gotten my mum to help me pluck and wax them.

Here’s a comparison of my brows back in yr. 8, compared to this year, 2016. What a difference, yeah?

Years went by and I could not stop the temptation to plucking too many hairs. I literally had ‘stick brows’; one line of brow hair. It was a painful process to even look in the mirror, sadly.

Once I had gotten into yr. 10, it was about time that I grew my ‘Johnny brows’ back, but to give them some shape. Thankfully I have for the gene’s that allow me to grow hair so fast, that my brow hairs came blossoming through by the end of the year, Success!

I have definitely learnt a lot throughout my years about how to properly shape and maintain my brows. So today, I have got for you my own way with how I clean up my brows and maintain their shape. :)

Now, a quick lesson before I begin; when shaping your brows, you want to make sure that you want to compliment your facial features by correctly shaping your brows. Here are some picture’s that can better explain. (These pictures are not mine, just f.y.i).

For my face, I have got a combination of the Round face and the Square face. As you can see, the brows on the 2 models show a very distinct lift in the arch. This helps to give me the ‘lift look’ (As we all want that.. hahaha).

If you are any one of these models that is shown above, remember to always have more brow hairs in the front and have them gradually thinner towards the tail of the brow.

Alrighty’s.. here we go guys :)


Tools of the trade: When fixing my brows, I make sure that I have the right tools; a pair of tweezers, cuticle cutters and a spoolie brush. That’s it.

Step 1: Before plucking or waxing the unwanted hairs away, I go in with my spoolie brush. This would be an equivalent to brushing your hair; you wouldn’t style it straight away because you would brush it before hand, to make it easier to work with :)

Step 2: Once my brows have been brushed into their natural shape, I go in with my tweezers. I start to pluck underneath my brow bone. This maintenance will help to give the arch the ‘lift look’; giving us a natural face lift, haha!

Step 3: Once I have plucked away the un-wanted hairs, I go in with my cuticle cutters. You’re able to buy these anywhere, I got mine from Kmart.

I like to start at the tail of my brow and have a slick straight line of hair going down. These cuticle cutters help to remove any hairs that are of course, in the way.

Step 4: When I’m happy with the results, I would either go in with a tinted brow gel or a clear brow gel. For this occasion, I used the tinted brow gel from Loreal Paris — Brow Artist Plumper in the shade ‘Medium Dark’.

Step 5: I place the product more towards the outer section of my brow; from the arch down to the tail. This will give the gradient affect, rather than having too much product at the front of the brow.

Step 6: Take an awkward angle of your face to show off your brows and there you go, geez I’m full of jokes.. haha!

Thank you for checking my latest blog post on my Brow Maintenance. Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting blogs.

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