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When I first started getting into makeup, I was always fascinated by the range of lipsticks that were out there in the ‘makeup world’. I would swatch ALL the different colours of lipsticks, glosses and creams.

One colour I remember I wanted to try, was red. A bold colour it was, whether it be a warm-tone red or a cool-tone.

Out in the world of makeup, we have become so fortunate with the range and quality of makeup; from a range of ‘matte’ lipsticks, to the high-intense metallic lip glosses.

After a few years of ‘hoarding’ the many shades of red lipsticks, I decided to pick the products from my collection and find the best formulated lipsticks for myself.

(from L to R) Maybelline New York — Colorblur Lipsticks. Maybelline New York — Color Drama Lip Pencils

Maybelline is by far, one of my favourite -budget buy’ cosmetics brand to buy from. My favourite type of red lip products, would have to be the orange-under toned red.

(from L to R) no. 30. no. 25
(from L to R) no. 15. no. 50

While swatching these on my hand, they felt like butter on bread; so smooth and does not feel irritating on the skin.

And to show another colour that I love to wear, is this stunning mutual pink shade. Not too pink, and not too nude.


(from L to R) ‘Light It Up’. ‘Red Essential’
(from L to R) ‘Nude Perfection’. ‘Berry Much’

One of the main lip products that I’ll always have in my bag, is a Color Drama lip pencil. So easy to apply onto the lips and inexpensive.

So pretty much, buy as much as you can :D haha!

NYX Cosmetics — Soft Matte Lip Cream. ‘Zurich’ and ‘Athens’

Two of my recent favourites of lip products, are the NYX Cosmetics’ Soft Matte Lip Creams.

Easy to glide on and are super creamy on the lips. Not something that you’d expect from a matte lip product. YASS!

  • **Quick tip: Instead of using a makeup wipe to remove the lipstick, use a small fingertip amount of coconut oil. This’ll remove the product just as easy and doesn’t cause your lips to chap and become irritated.
NYX Cosmetics — Turnt Up Lipstick. no. Stone. no. Flawless

I haven’t yet done swatches of these lipsticks, but oh my goodness, these shades are STUNNING!

I find that whenever I’m wearing either of these shades, they give my lips the appearance of more fullness and a plump-like look.

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