My Favourite Makeup Fave’s… so far ❤

One thing that’s alway hard to answer is, ‘’What’s your 1 favourite makeup product to use?’’. It can never just be one product overall, it has to be more.. haha!

For today’s blog, I thought it would be a great idea to share with you ‘some’ of my makeup favourites.

Within my makeup collection, I have makeup products that are both from the affordable ‘supermarket’ range.. up to the high end range.

I love using both ‘high-end’ and the affordable ‘budget buys’, but I always seem to be reaching more for the cheaper options. It’s easier to get your hands on and a lot kinder on your bank account :)

This blog will be start of a ‘Product Favourites’, that’ll be published either monthly or how every many times I fall in love with new products.. which is pretty much every week, LOL!

Australis — Metallix Eyeshadow, in the shade ’Guns and Rose Petals’

The first product that’s in my favourites list so far, is this metallic-shaded eyeshadow. It has incredible pigmentation and works wonders with any eye look that you can create.

A beautiful pink shade with added shine from the silver and champagne gold-like tones.

The creamy texture of this shadow is so easy to work with, whether it be on the eye lids or even a touch of this shade on your lips.

Australis — Metallix Eyeshadow, in the shade ‘Pearl Jammin’

‘Pearl Jammin’ is just one of those shades that you gotta have! Its the perfect choice to add to a beautiful warm-toned smokey eye, or even having this on its own.

The warm gold shimmery tones really do show up when it either being swatched on your hand or placed directly onto your lid.

This creamy pigment in my opinion, works best when it’s applied with your finger tips. The warmth in our fingers help to blend and place the product onto the lid, whereas using a brush can cause the product to sparse.

No one wants that :)

Loreal — Infaillible Eyeshadow, in the shade ’Hourglass Beige’

Every makeup tutorial that I have done so far, I’ve always had this product within arm’s reach.

I love this shade way too much!

This shade can be used as an eyeshadow, a highlighter for your highest parts of your cheekbones, the centre of your nose and a ‘lift-the-arch’ affect for under your brow. The Universal eyeshadow is here, haha :)

The gold’ish beige pigment works wonders. Unfortunately though, most store’s have discontinued this range.. so if you at all come across this shade online or at a makeup stall.. BUY IT!

The product works great either using it with a makeup brush or your fingers.

(first 2 photos — Total Intensity, in the shade ’Spellbound’. Last 2 photos — Chi Chi Cosmetics, in the shade ‘Beautiful Day’)

Do you want pigment? Do you want to shine? Do you want to sparkle ‘amazingness’?! — Then you, not just need, but you MUST have these 2 eyeshadows.

First shadow is a beautiful pink-overtone, with a chromatic pigment, involving golds and silver’ish undertones. In other words, ’stunning’ness’ in a box :)

This shade can also be worked for under the brow bone and, with a light hand, can be used as a highlighter for the fairer skin tones.

Chi Chi Cosmetics eyeshadows are hands down, one of the best formulations. They have amazing pigmentation and a wide range in colours, no matter what look you wanna try, Chi Chi has got you covered.

This shadow is part of their ‘Baked Eyeshadow’ range. This pretty much means that you can either apply it dry or you can use a dampened eyeshadow brush, to give more pigment and shimmer. Who doesn’t want that?! Haha!

(from L to R): Maybelline — Brow Satin brow pencil, in the shade ‘Dark Brown’. Loreal — True Match Foundation, in the shade ‘3N’

When it comes to brows, I always use this product. It is so easy to apply onto my brows. It is pretty much impossible to ‘over-fill’ your brows with this. If you want lightly filled-in brows, use a light hand. If you want to have the ‘fuller-brow’ look, then apply with a heavier hand.

This brow pencil, is by far my favourite brow product ❤

Foundations, foundations, foundations! I was one of the tragic victims who was a part of the ‘wrong foundation era’. When I first got into makeup, I thought that using a really darker coloured foundation would help to cover up my bad skin.. CLEARLY I was wrong, haha!

Loreal’s True Match foundation, is my staple brand for covering my face. This blends and matches my skin tone so perfectly, that there’s no need to touch up with another foundation.

One of the problems I find with wearing foundations or try to avoid, is finding one that won’t make my skin feel heavy and as if, hard to breathe through the product.

Fortunately, this foundation does not appear ‘cakey’ on the skin as well as it doesn’t feel heavy on my face. A huge THUMBS UP for me!

If you’re in the market for finding a new foundation that’ll compliment your skins’ natural complexion, then purchase yourself from this foundation range.

NARS — Highlighter, in the shade ‘Albatross’

Now you’re probably thinking, ‘’How the heck can this white powder be a highlighter?!’’ — That was exactly my thought on this when I first glanced upon it in the beauty store.

This shade is one of the most ideal highlighters that can match and compliment all skin tones, no joke.

With every makeup tutorial I have done, its always this highlighter that I wear. It adds the most subtle gold flickered’ sheen over my high points of the cheeks. The white base applies onto the skin, disappearing into a transparent-gold finish. YASSS!

NYX Cosmetics — Highlight & Contouring Pro Palette ❤

Who else in the world has been waiting for this product to be on the shelves?! — I know I was.

After watching countless makeup tutorials that included this product in their m/routine, I said to myself, ‘’Thats it! Im going to buy it!’’

When I was able to purchase this palette, I went straight in with the contouring shades, particularly the 2nd last shade on the bottom.

This shade mimicked the hollows of my cheekbones ‘to a T’. I have now fallen in love with taupe-shaded powders for my contouring regime.

If you’re sitting on the fence and are not sure whether or not you’re gonna use all the shades for contouring, just remember that you can use them for eyeshadows :)

NYX Cosmetics, you have really out done yourself with this palette.. its just FABULOUS!

NYX Cosmetics — Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks.
(from L to R, TOP to Bottom). 1. Ruffle Trim. 2. Exotic. 3. Beauty Mark. 4. Teddy.

Well… Well… Well… what can I say… I AM IN AWE OF THESE LIP SHADES ❤

When these appeared on ‘Shaaanxo’s youtube channel, I fell in love straight away! It was love at first sight for me.

The finish of these lip shades dry matte and NEVER transfer onto your teeth. That just sold me right there. No one wants the lipstick on their teeth when they’re meant for your lips.

I would also like to say that many people are ‘on the fence’ with this lip range; some saying that ‘’they don’t like the formula of it’’ and ‘’It makes my lips very dry..’’ — however we all have our own preferences to what consistency of lipsticks we like. I personally, love the formulation.

Yes it does feel drying on my lips, but that’s what you would expect from a matte-finishing lip product.

Applying a few coats of this will last you throughout the night.

I wore one of the shades and had a 3 course meal later in the night... not at one point in the night, did the lipstick bleed out onto my face or bleed onto my teeth.

I will always love this lip range.. its going to be a big ‘10/10’ from me :)

NYX Cosmetics — Turnt Up! Lipstick, in the shade ‘Stone’

If I wasn’t reaching for my Lingerie Lipsticks, I would be going for this shade. This lipstick is like a ‘natural lip enhancer’; giving you the appearance of fuller lips, without using a surgical needle or a lip pencil.

This shade can work with all looks you want to wear, whether it be a smokey eye for the night or a natural makeup look for the day.

Finding the right lipstick can be hard, especially if you want it to match whatever look you want to wear. If you’re not sure what shade to buy, definitely give this one a go!

Thank you so much for checking out my latest blog!

I would love to hear from you and find out what your favourite makeup products are ❤

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