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When I think of the word ‘paradise’, I think of beautifully sun-lit beaches.. the idea of having a delicious summery drink whilst getting a tan… view’s of the entire beach… and even the many tones of colour in the water… the blues, the green’s and the turquoise.

This is what inspired me to creating this look; as I love colours that can have undertone of another shade, therefore using chrome-like colours that have oceanic-like blues and warm-roasted colours.

Keep scrolling down to learn how I created this look.. Enjoy :)

(from L to R): Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer. Rimmel ‘Wake Me Up Concealer’

Step 1: Since we are going to be applying powder and cream eyeshadow’s onto our eyes, we need to make sure that our base will hold everything in place. (We can’t have a finished house if the framework isn’t there) :)

I’m using this primer as it’s long-lasting and blends smoothly into my skin.

Step 2: Once the primer is blended onto our lid, I go in with my concealer. This will help to neutralise any discolouration in the skin. You could use a colour correcting palette, but for today I chose to just use a flesh-tone concealer.

Urban Decay — Naked Skin Ultra Definition Powder.

Step 3: When the concealer is placed and blended, I like to go in with my foundation powder. I mainly use this for my eye, as it’s the perfect shade and sets my concealer :)

I place the concealer and foundation over my entire eyelid, right underneath my brows and placed out towards the tail of my brow.

Sticky tape :)

Step 4: Time to go in with the tape. I love using the tape; it helps me to guide the eyeshadow to not go too far out of the area where I don’t want it to be blended. Let’s be honest… we don’t like the ‘panda eye’ look.. haha!

I place the tape underneath my bottom lash line and have it angled up towards the end of my brow hair.

Morphe — 35W eyeshadow Palette

Step 5: Once the tape has been placed, I go in with my blending/buffering brush and use the ‘top right’ shade and place this in outer crease, then blending it out towards my brow.

Step 6: When we have placed the first eyeshadow onto our lid, I go in with the shade underneath.

(As you can see the shade’s I’ll be using in my tutorials, will now have an icon on top of it. This will show the exact shade I’ll be using).

I place the shade into my outer crease and slightly blend that half way towards our brow.

Too Faced — Sweet Peach eyeshadow palette.

Step 7: I use the 2 shades (with the star icon on top of them). I go in with these shades onto my small-dense pencil brush. I only place this, with the brush, into the crease. These colours are also placed on the ‘outer V’ of my eye.

Step 8: Once I’ve placed the orange-toned shades into our crease, I go in with a small touch of a medium-dark brown shade. I place this right on the outer edge of my lid.

When I have done that, I go in with my blending brush. I make sure that I have a nude-toned shade to also help blend out the colours that are quite dark. (This will help to prevent the ‘panda eye’ look, haha)

Australis — Cray for Colour eyeshadow stick. (Shade ‘Alluring Virtue’)

Step 9: Since I’m going to be using a powder-formed chrome shadow, I want to make sure that the shade will stay on.. so I go in with a cream formulated stick. This will ensure that the powder will stick onto the cream formula and onto the lid :)

I place the cream product over the centre and slightly on the outer half of my eye (as you can see).

I chose this colour as this will make the chrome eyeshadow really POP!

Step 10: Once the cream stick has been placed onto the lid, I go in 1st with a damp eyeshadow brush and place the Urban Decay shade onto the lid. The reason why I chose the U.D shade first is because it has a beautiful chrome tone with a brownish-like colour. Making it the perfect choice to have onto the lid.

I then use the Prestige Cosmetics on top, as this colour has more of a blue-like tone with shades of turquoise.

Step 11: I love using my NYX Gel liner, as its formula is so smooth and easy to apply onto the lid.

I first create a thin line along the top lash line and then thicken it up towards the end of my eye, tilted up towards the end of my brow. (You can use the tape to guide you too, BONUS!)

When we’re satisfied with the liner, you can take off the tape. I make sure that I remove it from the end that closest to my nose, then gently pull it off.

The tape make’s it so much easier to create a sharp wing AND to have a clean line of the shadow not descending passed the tape.

Eylure — Exaggerate Lashes, in the no. 149 ❤

Step 12: For this look, I wanted lashes that wouldn’t bring down the look, but won’t overpower the eyes. These lashes do just that! Exaggerating the appearance of my lashes, but adding length and a touch of volume :)

When I placed the lashes on, I went in with my Too Faced ‘Better Than Sex’ mascara on the top lashes. (Just forgot to take the shot.. haha)

Step 13: Using these 3 shades, I go in with my dense pencil brush and place this along the bottom lash line. Keep in mind that I place the darker shade right on the bottom lash line, then the lighter shades underneath it.

(from L to R): NYX Cosmetics Skinny Mascara. Rimmel Eye pencil.

Step 14 and 15: Add a mascara to the bottom lash line. I use this one in particular because it add’s the slightest amount of product onto my lashes, without making them too heavy or clumpy.

Once the mascara is on for the bottom lash line, I use my nude-coloured eye pencil… I line this along my waterline (the skin thats between the lashes and the eye).

Step 16: SELFIE TIME!!

Thank you so much for checking out my latest blog on creating this eye look.

Keep up to date with my posts and pic’s over on my Instagram, ‘@nikki.cross95’

❤ ❤ ❤

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