Simple Glamour ❤

Have you ever been invited to a part or gathering and wasn’t sure what makeup look you could wear?

I have found the solution! A quick, easy and stunning look for the eyes that’ll definitely have all eyes in the room on you!

This look was inspired by a good friend of mine, who wanted me to do her makeup for her 21st. Throughout the process of applying her makeup, I was in awe. She looked INCREDIBLE!

I used one eyeshadow for the whole lid and 2 products for the inner corner of the eye. Told ya’ it was simple :)

  • Most of the ‘step by step’ is within the video. The photos are in smaller amounts.. but you’ll understand easily what I mean.
Urban Decay — Eyeshadow Primer Potion

Step 1: Prime your lids. This will give us a smooth base for the concealer, as well as making out eyeshadow last longer and not drip off our lids :)

Rimmel — Match Perfection Concealer

Step 2: Conceal your entire lid. Not only does this act as a sticky foundation for the powder that’ll be placed on top, but it also helps to neutralise any discolouration in the skin’s pigment.

Urban Decay — Naked Skin Ultra Definition Pressed Finishing Powder

Step 3: Set the concealer with a powder. This is one my favourite :)

  • **(next photo: not my own photo. Got this from google. I had forgotten to photograph the eye shadow while filming.. Oopsy)
Chi Chi — Baked Eyeshadow, ‘Beautiful Day’

Step 4: Place this shadow over the lid. Focusing it on the centre of the lid towards the outer half of the eye.

Don’t place too much of the shade in the inner section, as this will be the spot for another colour :)

If the gold shadow goes up past the crease, use a buffing brush to lightly dust and buff away the intensity of the shadow.

*This will then make your entire eye area shimmery but not drawing any of the attention away from the lid.

Step 5: Once your done with the eyeshadow, go in with your favourite eye liner. For this look, I used a medium brown-toned liner. (To see how I did my winged liner, check out my video ^^)

Eylure — Definition Lashes, №121

Step 6: Find yourself a pair of lashes that have the appearance of feathery ends and volume.

  • *(on the outer 3rd of the eye, use a gold’ish-brown pencil and draw along that area, avoiding going too far before the centre.)
  • *(along the outer 3rd and centre of the bottom lash line, use a light-medium BROWN shade and lightly sweep this along that area.)

Step 7: For the inner corner of the eye, where we have left blank, fill the gap with a sparkly ‘nude’ liquid liner. This will make your eyes pop :)

Loreal — Infaillible Eyeshadow, 002 ‘Hourglass Beige’

Step 8: Place this shade on the starting tip of the ‘nude’ liquid liner that we place on the inner corner.

This will just add some extra shimmer :)

Step 9: Coat both your top and bottom lashes. For the bottom, I used my NYX Cosmetics’ ‘Skinny Mascara’. For the top lashes, I used the Maybelline’s ‘Lash Sensational’ Mascara.

Step 10: Find yourself a sheen gold-like shade and place this under the brow bone. This will give us the appearance of a ‘raised arch’.


Thank you so much for checking out my ‘Simply Glamour’ makeup tutorial. Keep up to date with my latest pic’s and post’s over on my other social media platforms :)

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