What do you prefer… High-End or Budget Buys? ❤ ❤

I can admit to this, watching thousands of makeup videos and tutorials… and one thing I always pay attention to, is the products. I will search the internet and find that particular product and just gaze at its beauty.. haha!

Whether it be an affordable makeup product or a ‘high end’, you’ll always find that you’re able to use both products and still achieve the ‘million dollar look, such as; an eyeshadow palette you can buy from your local supermarket, and a high-end eyeshadow palette from a beauty store. You’ll be able to get the same affect from both products… well that’s my opinion anyway :)

Urban Decay — ‘’Lounge’’ Eyeshadow
ChiChi Cosmetics — (at the front) Viva La Diva lipsticks. (at the back) Creamy Matte Liquid lipsticks.

I find that the ChiChi lipsticks, always do justice for me. They have incredible pigmentation and are available in a wide range of colours and textures. I’m a huge fan of their Matte lipstick range.. they’re incredible! If you haven’t tried them at all.. I highly recommend you go into Target or Myer and swatch a few lip shades. The best thing about these lipsticks, is that they’re affordable and won’t blow your budget.. well.. thats if you don’t buy 1o at a time. like me.. haha ❤

NYX Cosmetics.

Hands down.. this would be my FAVOURITE brand! Its affordable.. its got an incredible range in colours.. in shades.. in textures.. in just everything. Just recently, NYX cosmetics has branched out to Priceline (in Australia), and has launched their range with them, AMAZING!

If you’re looking for a matte lipstick or even a tinted lipgloss.. just go to NYX.. they’ve got it all :)

LOREAL makeup. Urban Decay Cosmetics.

One thing I learnt over the years, is that you can achieve a high-end look with a few simple ‘budget buy’ products. I prefer to use the Loreal ‘True Match’ foundation, because it allows my skin to glow and matches perfectly to my skin tone. Now don’t get me wrong… I LOVE using my Urban Decay foundation.. as it also suits my skin tone well.. I just prefer an affordable product that I can use all the time.. and not have to spend a fortune on it.

LOREAL Paris - Singular eyeshadows.

These particular eyeshadows from Loreal can cost up to $20… however.. you’re able to get so much from these shades. You can even use the white eyeshadows for a touch of glitter and sparkle on your highlighted areas.. and you can even warm it up by using the golden eyeshadows :).

Urban Decay Cosmetics — singular eyeshadows.

The Urban Decay singular eyeshadows however, are a bit more to around $30. If you’re willing to spend a few extra dollars on some high-end products.. then go for it :)

ChiChi Cosmetics — Brow Pomades.

I can happily say that I ‘live for my brows’.. haha! Whenever there is a new product out for brows.. I’m there in a heart beat.. or I surf the internet, trying to find the latest and greatest brow product.

ChiChi Cosmetics is one of my favourite affordable brands, they sell some of the best eyebrow and eye products on the market :) These pomades here are around $15.. like come on.. thats amazing value!

If you’re looking for something that makes your brows stand out or even to give you fuller brows.. then give these a go ❤

Maybelline — 24 Hour Colour Tattoo Cream eyeshadows.

These eyeshadows are perfect to use as a base for your powdered eyeshadow.. they’ll just make your eyes, POP!

Confession time.. when these bad boys first came out.. I was so amazed by their pigmentation and their range in colour. I made it my goal to collect as many these as possible.. now I think I have gotten the whole collection.. I’m over the moon.. haha!

With many high-end products that sell cream-based eyeshadows, they can be extremely pricey and would pretty much give you the same results as your affordable cream eyeshadows. You could be paying pretty much, more than $50-$60.. I might not be the one that would buy the ‘high-end’ .. because as I mentioned before.. you can get the same results using the affordable products :)

EYESHADOW PALETTES ❤ Containing; Urban Decay, ChiChi Cosmetics and Morphe

Another confession.. haha! I used to and still am, one of those makeup enthusiasts who buys not just one.. but the collection of products. When Urban Decay came to Australia, I only had one thing on my mind; buy the 4 Naked eyeshadow palettes. It took me months to buy these.. but geez was I happy when I had them all.. Hahaa!

ChiChi Cosmetics — Eyeshadow palettes.

If these palettes didn’t have their ChiChi trademark printed on the lids.. I could 100%, mistake them for being Urban Decay. They have got a huge variety in colour and in forms (mattes, shimmers, glitters, etc). Not only are these palettes literally 1/3 of the price of a Naked Eyeshadow palettes, but they also give the same pigments and in finishes.

On your ‘TO-DO’ list for today.. BUY a ChiChi palette.. you’ll thank me for it ❤

Urban Decay — Vice 4 eyeshadow palette ❤ (high-end)
MORPHE — 35T Palette ❤
MORPHE — 35W Matte eyeshadow palette.

I have finally jumped onto the ‘Morphe’ band wagon.. Yay ❤ If you’re looking for great pigmentation and coverage with your eyeshadows, then head on over to their website (or head to beautybay.com) and buy yourself one of their incredible palettes. They are worldly known and recognised for their coverage.. and their affordable prices! You’d be spending around $30-$40 on a palette that contains a crazy 35 colours… thats insane!

If I wasn’t using my high-end palettes, I would go straight to my Morphe palettes. They haven’t let me down.. haha!

Thank you for checking out my blog.. I hope you liked it.. Stay tuned for more exciting stories to come.

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