Flushing, New York Reels from Trump Effect
Jillian Abbott

“Businessmen come through here, there’s capital trade, and we rely heavily on import and export. It’s so hard to conduct one’s own affairs and business when things are so rapidly changing,” Choe said.

This quote is used to let the readers know how important it is for our businessmen to know what is happening in the government. Because of the disarray in Washington D.C., it is hard for many businessmen to conduct their businesses of choice. They do not know what is soon to come and it is affecting the economy in a bad way. Since, John X. Choe is the Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce (GFCC) Executive Officer, he has the right to make this statement and Prof. Jillian Abbott is using this quote to make her statement before it solid.

This quote is used effectively because it is directly noting John X. Choe’s word for word remark and it stresses his opinion toward the current situation that is happening within the world of business in Flushing, Queens.

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