Hillary Clinton: Cyber Rebel

If we take what we’ve learned in the last fifty years, from Freud to Barthes to Derrida; we go back fifty more to find it’s reactor (maybe Nietzsche, the list could go on); fifty, a few hundred, a few thousand more to find it’s roots. And maybe the problem is that these guys were Jews (when’s the last time you trusted one of them?) and if that may be so, well, it’s no wonder we’re more screwed now than ever.

These guys — from Modern psychoanalysis to post-mod post-structuralism — presented humanity with a most disastrous new ideology: WE; western philosophers, theorists, formalists, and critics; don’t know anything. It’s not hard to understand why mass culture denied these Jews; still, we are terrified that we might not know — whatever that means (which we also think we know).

Then, yesterday, I heard Hillary Clinton was in trouble for using a personal email account.

I’m sorry, what?

My first reaction.

Maybe for security reasons was my second, but I still have no idea.

I heard Mitch McConnell say, “I don’t think she’s breaking any laws,” but the administration would be looking into it in the coming days. IS IT AGAINST THE LAW FOR POLITICIANS TO HAVE PERSONAL EMAILS!? I imagine — excuse my prophesying — politicians would enjoy this level of, if not privacy, organization.

Maybe Republicans are still up in arms about President Obama’s social media campaign. Maybe they still can’t figure it out; with a political population average aged at 53+, maybe they don’t even know how to create a personal email. (Somehow Democrats figured it out though with a 64+ average.)

I imagine, too, if having a type of email (phone line, social media account, etc.) is against the law, politicians of all people — especially a democrat up for presidency — should know. I find it interesting, the blatant misdemeanor, from my understanding, couldn’t [wouldn’t] apply to me. And if it did…Hillary Clinton, Mitch, none of them even know!

Media ideas are not new. In fact, it is my understanding that email as communication is dying quickly as social medias, text messages, professional message boards and mobile groups pop up by the hundred daily. It’s no wonder “email laws” are obsolete. I won’t be surprised if they were never written; even politicians and lawmakers are only human. They, too, can’t be held accountable for everything.

It is time to stop, as human beings, pretending we know. We’ve been making it up since the beginning: ideal ‘form,’ transcendental signified, prestige, elite, expectation and role. Someone (someone I should know) created “email.” We, through gmail, yahoo, professional email services, required ‘sign-up’ or consumer email accounts, created email the encompassing concept which signifies on a subjective scale.

In truth, I don’t know much about what Clinton is doing with her personal email. I don’t know if these emails are life changing, political, secret; I have no idea. If her personal email is illegal, will she go to jail? Will they check her email box? (Are they not already?) And who is they to Hillary Clinton?