The emotional roller coaster of today’s weight loss and social media

Losing weight can have enormous benefits for your body physically but do mental/emotional aspects of our life effect the process itself? I my opinion, yes….

Many of us have a bad self body image, looking in the mirror each morning is a session of what part do I hate the most today. And we really should not feel this way, but loving your body and self confidence is a hard sell these days. Every other post on social media seems to target you to improve your body with some quick fix sold by family and friends like “5 min abs”, “lose 20 this week!!”, “Wear this Patch, have the energy of super hero”, “two shakes a day and a sensible meal”…. Making you feel like, gosh, I should do this, I will feel better about myself if I lose weight, I WILL LOVE MYSELF.

Now this can go 2 different ways, either the quick fix works, you lose 20 lbs in one week, and feel amazing! You are pushing your product, you are posting selfies at the gym, YOU are loving life…. But them the lose stops, or you try life without the shake, supplement, or patch…. And it all comes back, and the weight brings a few friends, Depression, Confusion, and Betrayal.

The second option, you try the shakes, the pill, the patch and you either get sick (which happens quite often) or you don’t have those amazing results. And the weight stays, and you experience Depression, Confusion, and Betrayal.

Disclaimer: I am in no way dis’ing on people out there pushing products, having your own business these days is extremely hard and I will always wish every person brave enough out there the best, truthfully, honestly, the best. But I do feel, everyone out there selling a product that effect’s a person’s body, and mind should look into training, certifications associated with such an industry and know how your product is affecting your clients body. If you are reading this blog, trust me, you are doing more than selling a drink, promises of weight loss plays with people’s emotions and as a personal fitness coach I see the effects daily.

Now that being said….

The stress and anxiety of be obsessed with a number on the scale, not continuing to lose, or not being successful in the first place can be just as daunting. Leading you to emotional eating, jumping from one fad to another (being inconsistent), and even affecting your hormonal levels leading to mood swings, and difficulty concentrating. Psychologist Paul Susic states on that “sustaining your weight loss is mentally and emotionally demanding because it requires that you not only change your behavior, but you modify a lifetime of pleasurable mental associations with food”. This can lead to dangerous eating disorders, continual food deprivation, physical injury through over doing it at the gym or while doing home video’s without professional guidance, and leading to constant anxiety about your weight.

So how do we avoid stress, be happy and lose weight?

Here are a few steps I suggest:

· Love yourself first- that is the magic word to weight loss, because really why are you here? Not because you hate your gut, YOU LOVE YOUR LIFE! You want to live it, you want to feel good going to work every morning and worrying about a number, YOU ARE #1!!!! Your body is the ONLY ONE YOU GET, keep it healthy and happy! Girl look in that mirror and instead of picking yourself apart, say something nice. “my butt looks amazing in these jeans”, “my lashes are on point”, “I look ten years younger wearing this color, look at me sparkle”… maybe a bit over the top, but you get the point.

· Throw the damn scale in the closet and take it out 1 time a week!! If weight loss is a goal, I understand you need to know where you are going, but our weight can change on a daily basis due to salt consumption, water intake, workouts completed, the time of day, or the time of month! Weighing yourself consistently, say every Friday morning, before your shower and recording that weight. Also taking measurement s is a truer form of judging weight loss. Being obsessed with a number is just a calling card for anxiety.

· Be consistent- I said it!! The second magic word to sustainable weight loss…. Consistency! Find a class you like, find a work out partner, find your place in the fitness world and OWN it!! Make plans to come a specific time and stick to it, no matter if it’s raining, or your trainer canceled, or you’re your just not feeling it. You will feel better after you get your body moving.

· Learn to love food again! Food is amazing!! Learning to stay away from over processed, over fried and over sugared foods will help your taste buds grow and will introduce you to a whole new world of amazing tastes and textures you can enjoy and your body will love!

· Don’t give credit to a pill, shake or patch. You made the decision to better your life. Own it!! If a person inspired you, if something helped you by all means give a shout out. But relying only on a substance for weight loss is sure fire way to fail. If financial situations don’t allow you to keep purchasing it, if selling it doesn’t work out, if the company fails, where will you be? My advice if you are using a supplementation for weight loss, also find a professional for guidance. Learn about food, about movement, and find a balance between the two. Learn about what is in your supplement and what it is doing to your body, some can be very dangerous, especially herbal supplements with no FDA regulation.

· Last but not least FIND A PROFESSIONAL- There are many types of trainers and coaches that are skilled and prepared to help you navigate the fitness, health and wellness world. Giving you different options to find something you love and stick to it, nutritional advise to help you achieve obtainable goals, and support for the rough days because we all have them. And if the first person you talk to doesn’t work out, don’t stress, you will find your person, your unicorn.

I have ridden this coaster many times, recently even, and as I collect myself and get back on the proverbial “horse” I know many of my friends and clients feel the same way. By sharing I hope this leads you to finding your fun way to be fit and happy in life and live every day to the fullest.

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