Your Personal Trainer Hated Gym Class….

It’s true; I did everything I could to avoid our small town gym class growing up. I was tall, clumsy, and uncoordinated. I hated balls flying at my head and being picked last for every team it seemed. But do not fret, this is not the beginning to some crazy high school comedy, instead this is a story on how I got my fitness mojo.

In my small, one blinking light town our k-12 school had an option for kids entering high school to skip gym class if they were active in a school related sport. Again, wanting nothing to do with balls, team line ups or screaming coaches I looked into cheer leading.

This is one of my first memories of just saying “what’s the worst that can happen”, I try out and if I don’t get in I have to take the class. So, nervous as can be I signed up, and to my joy and relief I made the team. Oh please, do not roll your eyes if you have ever cheered you know it is no joke which I soon learned. We put in a lot of hard work, Cheer camps, stunt work (throwing a 110 lbs girl 10ft into the air and not getting a sneaker in your face was always a win), formation and routine practice. But at the end of my high school career I had learned more than I ever thought I would signing up my freshman year, and walked away with my only 2 trophies from school, MVP of the Johannesburg Lewiston High School 2 years in a row.

What did I learn? That you have to learn to smile through the 30* football games, the blisters on your hands and feet, cheer on the team or that boy that just broke your heart, you have to keep going and bringing that hope and fight to your people, your team. I made many wonderful friends, who are amazing women, and will never forget this experience.

So, back to the moral of the story, as I turned 30 and that scale hit 178 lbs, I said, “What’s the worst that can happen”. I joined the gym, listened to my coach (trainer), smiled through the pain, the transition into clean eating, I laughed through my first 5k thinking am I actually running? Then was amazed at the results, I did it, I accomplished my goals, my way.

Through my journey I gathered a following, a group of friends, friends of friends or just someone I ran in to, and it turned out as I was smiling through the pain, I was all inspiring people to start their own path and get their fitness mojo. And so I grew into the person I am today. Keeping that smile, working to motivate my people, my team so I can see them win, remember I will always be cheering for you.