Tracking Game is a puzzle for developers created by Reaktor. We are saving the world from a terror syndicate over the 3 missions.

TL;DR repo with JavaScript solutions

TIL: Node.js Buffer is great for converting a non-UTF-8 encoded string to human text.

Mission 001

We have received a distress signal from the diamond mining vessel Axel Mærsk. We believe the message indicates the ship’s location. Radio interference has resulted in a signal which is difficult to decode. We know the signal to be exactly 16 bytes long, and contains no repeating characters

See the message and solution on github.

We have a Base64 encoded message. Since Base64 uses ASCII characters, a 16 byte long signal means 16 characters long. To find the signal we will… is the Russian equivalent of Reddit. The other day their targeted ad post invited me to take a “JobSeeker” JavaScript coding challenge to join their team as a Front-end developer.


I hacked my way to the final “Congratulations, you made it!” stage with one test not consistently passing (more on that at the end). Spending hours on the challenge was completely worth it, because I got deeper knowledge on certain subjects and learned new things:

Nikki Jack

Software Developer

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