A Change of Heart Found Through Music

Out of an act of curiosity, Adam Tracy, 18, ventured into The Rock at 32nd Street Teen Center and discovered an opportunity for change.

Struggling with drugs and on-the-brink of homelessness, Tracey found refuge within the walls of the Phoenix, Ariz. teen center through music and fellowship over two years ago.

“Coming here [The Rock], I had a place to calm down from [drugs]. I found music and that helped me with my cravings,” Tracey says.

The Rock is a non-profit organization with a mission to provide local youth with a facility to express themselves through creative outlets and healthy relationships.

Tracey’s mentor and The Rock director, Mark Savale says within the first few months, Tracey was involved in two separate fights with other students. “Looking at him now, he is one of our go-to guys if we need help with anything,” Savale says.

Before The Rock, Tracey says he was lost and trying to figure out his place in the world. Luckily, he found comfort in confiding in other teens and mentors he met at the center. “It helped me really deal with my problems,” Tracy says.

Six months into his experience at the center Tracey found Christ. “I would have never known that I would be a Christian before I went to [The Rock],” he says.

Savale says, “Ever since he made a change in his life to live for God, he has been positive and caring towards others.”

Not only has Tracey gained a relationship with God, but also The Rock has encouraged him in going after things he didn't know he could do, such as obtaining a job at Alice’s Attic and Thrift Store as well as learning a variety of instruments. In only two years he has learned to play the bass, drums and guitar.

Savale says he has witnessed a significant change in Tracey’s, “attitude and outlook on life.”

Tracey says the most important thing he has learned about himself through this experience is to never doubt his own abilities. “I just put my mind to it and if it doesn't work, then I can try again,” he says.

Over the past two years, Tracey says he went from a lost 16-year-old to a young man with more clarity, strength and confidence.

Tracey’s goals for the near future are to finish college at ITT Tech, go into a successful job, and “be that guy at The Rock that everybody can look up to.”

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