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I wanna start by saying I am aware I am not famous ffs I just wanted a really deep title for this article.

For as long as I can remember I have low self-esteem and so do many people, it’s a common thing to have. Millions of people live with this every day, they don’t see anything good when they look at themselves and they wish they did.

I always suffered from this, it’s been a constant in my life for as long as I can remember but it only became crippling in the last two years or so.

WTF do you mean by low self-esteem?


One good thing about GraphQL is having control over how our schema and our return values from an API will look like. We can type everything and make sure that if we say something is a string and it’s not we will get an error.

That is amazing for having way more confidence in our code and in what comes back from the backend but by default GraphQL only ships with some basic types.

At the moment the basic types that ship with GraphQL are:String, Int, Float, Boolean,ID and even though all these types are very useful they do not…

A very common use case for building GraphQL API’s is to wrap REST API’s for a better experience in the Frontend and also some more type checking in our backend.

Apollo knows this so there is a package to help with this and it’s called apollo-datasource-rest. It’s strong points is that it handles some of the caching for you as it runs through their cache and also it exposes a class that makes it easier for us to keep our code clean.

If you wanna follow along you can start with the starter ApolloServer sandbox on CodeSandbox that you can…

Like the click baity title? Nice! Now let’s talk about the “glamorous” conference life.

This photo was taken at React Native EU. No hate on them, they were amazing to me I just fucking love this photo.

I grew up mostly average class, I was never not eating poor or anything but I never had big stuff mostly because my parents couldn’t afford it. I never even flew until 2014 and that was for my first conference so most of the my vacations were camping and stuff like that and I always saw conferences as the real vacations where I could actually travel places. Up until last year before joining YLD I made 16K a year soooooo … not a lot of travelling was possible.

I’m not saying this for you to feel sorry for me, don’t…

First thank you to Simona Cotin and Super Diana for answering the noob docker and nginx questions and reminding me that nginx is better for static files than node. Also thank you to the amazing humans who built a Docker extension for VSCode.

One of my main frustrations when it comes to Create React App, or really any frontend app that is served statically without a server backing it, is that your routes are now gone. …

A couple of months ago I spoke about something in my brain that haunted me for years, I did a talk about mental health and panic disorders at Agent Conf and if you relate to this in any way here is the video:

I can never thank the agent conf team enough for letting me do this talk, allowing me to talk about these subjects in a tech conference and supporting me each step of the way.

After this talk I have been invited to speak at three more conferences about this topic and it’s the talk I would…

Many people starting out get overwhelmed by all the things happening in the React ecosystem. There’s this idea that what happens in React is magic and that getting started with React is super complicated unless you use tools like create-react-app.

And honestly, it’s not as widely documented that you only need 5 minutes to actually inject React into your page. Dan Abramov has been trying to raise awareness to this and he’s been doing an amazing job, so taking from his idea let’s make you believe the 5 minutes statement.

But how do I inject React into my application?

Well, first step is finding the files to insert, and…

On the 15th I was at GraphQL Europe and I want take some time to talk about the new release by the awesome apollo team that was announced there with a talk by Peggy Rayzis about the new Apollo Server.

You can checkout the slides she used so you can get an idea of the new server.

In this article I’m going to focus on how to get started with it.

How to get started

First step is to create a folder and initialise npm in it so that we can install the apollo server dependency:

All that -y does is skip…

I want to start by mentioning that as of starting this I didn’t have a lot of experience with SSR besides adding styled components in a NextJS app.

What’s the story here?

So I have this website I created called that was being rendered on the client. I was having issues with SEO and I also wanted to be cool of course and render it on the server for performance and coolness bonus.

I did this using Razzle that is this really awesome tool and this meant that I had a server.js that ran on the server, an app.js that was isomorphic and…

I know it may seem weird that I am writing about Vue.js but honestly I really like Vue, I blame Sarah Drasner and her course on frontend masters but ever since I started getting the beauty of Vue and it’s something I use sometimes, like for the original of the ReactFest Conference website… I didn’t see the irony, I promise.

In this article we will be creating a simple list of names where we have one query for getting the names and a mutation that adds a name.

If you want to see what we are building or want to…

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