So, about our name…
Paul McDonald

Paul -

I see where you are coming from, from a business standpoint but this issue of bodegas is so deeply interwoven into NYC culture that it was ultimately shortsighted of your team to not foresee such an emotional, adverse reaction. Bodegas are more than convenience stores. Let’s take my local bodegas for a second (because yes, I have the one by my apartment and the one by my office). These bodegas are run by hard working immigrants who pour love and passion into every damn thing they do, into saying hello brightly when I walk through the door. I know their stories, they know mine. I even know the story of the damn black cat at my bodega by home. That level of human connection is completely missing in your business mode. With everything shifting to technology, there are some things—such as the bodega—that are relics of an older time we dearly love.

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