Creative Is Contagious.

I should be thankful, because of my life was surrounded by creative and positive thinking peoples.

Since 2013, i was dreaming about living between a lot of creative peoples. 
Yap, those year such as my turning point. After i graduate from senior high school in a small town, Kediri. Then i moved to city which has a lot of creative people. Yogyakarta. 
At those year, i started studying in one of Broadcasting Campus in this city. Met a lot of new friends, new thought and also new environment. The struggle is started from here. 
In this city, i’ve forced to be a creative person. If it isn’t, “i die”.
Why? There are so many creative people in there that compete each other.
Day per day, month by month then 4 years i livin’ in this city that full of creativity.
From Yogyakarta, i’ve learned that Creative Is Contagious.
Why? Because i surrounded by creative people with various thoughts and life backgrounds. I just started my progress from 2013 as a noob students who ‘has no friends’. Maybe im too introvert or another else.
At the middle of my ‘loneliness’, i started to looking for a friends which has same hobby with me. Photography, videography and design. Yes, all about visual digital content. 
2013 is a year which those visual digital content are something not too necesarilly. People still busy with their own matters. But i have a perceive that, ‘unnecesarilly things’ will be something precious in a future. 
Anyway, this is my very first pict of flatlay photography.

My very first flatlay on Instagram. Circa 2013.

Years by years, i spend my time around a lot of creative people. They inspire me so much. A new things, a new thoughts & new experience of course.
So they ‘made’ me as i am now. Being better than yesterday is a must. Because you’re make mistake then learning.

My latest flatlay at Instagram. Mid 2017.

See the difference?
Its not about the gear. But its all about creativity and the environment. 
Where we can find those creativity?
From person who surround you.

Yash, because creative is contagious.