Disabled but not useless!

Disabled but not useless!

Not long ago I turned 21. It was a great privilege knowing I’ve reached another stepping stone in my life and had many things to look forward to. I could finally grab a beer with the guys, go late night clubbing, or even take it as a serious note and start raising a family. All so many things I knew that were going to make me happy, but it didn’t.

You see I’m a twin, but unlike me my brother was born autistic. An autistic adult who loved playing with Legos, watching SpongeBob square pants and his most favorite thing of all, playing hide and seek. An autistic adult who may be able to read and write proficiently as a second grader but has no understanding of human morals and daily living.

I know deep down there will come a time in our life where I wont be able to care for him as close as I do now. In all honesty that’s what scares me the most. I fear for my twin brother that he wont be able to find someone or some kind of program willing to take him in and help him with his needs. So being the over protected brother I am I began researching day and night to find the answer.

I have heard people talking about some stores such as grocery outlets, would help people like my brother by providing them with simple task jobs for minimum wage. These tasks would include bagging, sweeping and even helping customers to their car. I love the fact that some stores are awesome enough to do something like that but then I began to start thinking further in depth about things.

How would my brother be able to live without the help from my family and I if something to were ever happen? So I began researching even more. They have programs that are willing to house and care for people with disabilities. My brother will have a full time care provider that lives in the home with him that cleans, cooks and makes sure he is happy. If that wasn’t enough the home will provide transportation to and from his job once he gets one.

Although all this sounds so amazing I cant get over the fact I wont be able to care for him. If all else fails I have a desire to create safe and empowering homes and therapies for autistic adults; such as my brother. But the future is unknown so only time will be able to know what will become of my brother and I.