5 Video Series to Make You Feel Less Alone

Do you want to turn your brain off but absorb content simultaneously? Here are 5 non-fiction video series that cover a variety of relevant topics to tune out to.

As an only child, I spent a lot of time alone doing solitary activities like reading, drawing, and absorbing everything I could online. This was back when people were first becoming famous from Youtube. I would spend hours watching Youtube makeup tutorials (and also just listening). I’m not that old but no one was citing “contouring” back then. I don’t listen to gurus explain how to use makeup to fix receding hairlines or hide unseemly third nipples anymore but I still love to work with a video playing in the background. Recently, I read this article about golf on Man Repeller where the author describes feeling good watching makeup tutorials and golf, even if she isn’t taking the information in.

If ASMR makes you feel creepy and watching TV makes you feel indulgent, here are 5 series you can enjoy instead:

1. What’s In My Bag by Amoeba Records

You may have already heard of this series or perhaps have visited this California store. Musicians, actors, comedians, writers, and the like talk about their picks from Amoeba, the world’s largest independent record store. They choose from music, movies, merch, and more available in the store. Then, they talk about the different works they’ve chosen; what it means to them or the history of the pieces.

This series is more than just a creative way to get more shoppers to Amoeba. It’s awesome to see your faves get excited over albums and to hear them talking about who they’re listening to.

Here’s Vince Staples and Soko:

2. Try Living With Lucie by Refinery29

In this series, peppy polymath Lucie spends a week living consciously towards a lifestyle goal. These range from practical to abstract, including 5 Days Without a Cell Phone, 5 Days of No Sugar, and 5 Days on a $50 Spending Budget. Live through her firsthand experience of these lifestyles you’ve always been curious about without having to leave your bed.

If you can’t get enough of inquisitive Lucie and you’ve exhausted these (35 as of right now) episodes, she is frequently featured on the Refinery29 youtube channel and does another series called Lucie For Hire.

Here’s 5 Days of Zero Trash featuring Lauren Singer:

3. TMI by VFiles

It was seriously fucking difficult to pick which series from little-bit-of-everything brand VFiles I wanted to use for this list. These funny short interviews feature artists, models, designers, musicians, bloggers, muses, club kids, people you didn’t think existed outside of IG, and more. Right now, there are 263 videos, so if you want to keep these playing in the background while you work, you’ll be able to finish your solar system diorama midterm by the time you get to 262.

If you’re a mom who’s watching these to understand your teenage son (yes, mom!!) and like what you’re seeing but have no idea who any of these people are, here’s one with Vivienne Westwood. If you’re not familiar with any of VFiles other series’ and you love the humor of TMI, try 8-episode What The F*shion with comedic genius Casey Jane Ellison.

Here are TMI’s that feature two people I spend a ridiculous amount of time googling each month, Princess Nokia and Cat Marnell:

4. Noone Cares by Rookie

If a tree falls in the forest and Noone is there to hear it, maybe we’d be in store for a new video… Gone are the days of advice columnists dealing with, “My boyfriend wants to do anal even though I hate it. Which scented lotion should I use to make it end quickly?” Intuitive charmer Gabby Noone gives great advice that you didn’t know you wanted in each episode of Noone Cares. These come out once a month and currently there are 14 videos. Each video usually addresses one idea and they cover extremely relevant topics like being white and a feminist without being a “white feminist”, whether your personal brand matters, and being funny without making yourself the butt of the joke.

Here’s a particularly universal episode where Noone addresses the etiquette of unfollowing and unfriending online:

5. Nardwuar the Human Serviette

Canadian music journalist Nardwuar has interviewed every contemporary musician you’ve ever heard of. That is not an exaggeration. Quirky Nardwuar knows so much about the people he interviews they usually go from a little put off from his enthusiasm to shocked and excited. He normally brings them a gift that they didn’t know they needed. You’ll be shocked and excited too.

I entered the cult of Nardwuar fandom about 7 years ago but his work predates Youtube. He’s interviewed everyone, including but not limited to, Drake, Courtney Love, Lil Uzi Vert, Diplo, Sleater-Kinney, Wale, Flea, Matisyahu, The Roots, Ghostface Killah, Beck, Joyce Manor, Insane Clown Posse, James Brown, Slipknot, Kitty, The Misfits, Mykki Blanco, Snoop Dogg (and Snoop Lion), and my two of old roommate’s bands, Psychic TV and The Drums!

Here’s one with fellow-Canadian Grimes on her birthday. She’s a Pisces and he’s a Cancer; they’re super compatible which is probably why this interview is so enjoyable: