Follow These 7 Meme Instagram Accounts

Following these 7 accounts will improve your IG experience.

I lied to you.


This is not a list of just 7 meme accounts but also cartooning accounts. I didn’t think you’d mind. You might ask why you should risk messing with your perfect following-to-follower ratio by adding some of these. Having these types of profiles posts pop up on your feed can be a welcome distraction from selfies or stupid pictures of Ruby’s stupid mini Boston Terrier. It always helps me get out of the spiral of rage and envy I fall into when looking at beautiful skinny IG models at parties that I wasn’t invited to when I find a clever meme or cartoon.

BTW, does everyone who tries their hand at the art of memecraft smoke weed or am I imagining that? Click on each photo set to make them bigger. I’m not going to risk lying to you again, so let’s just begin.

1. @gothshakira

2. @jooleeloren

3. @lacroix_coven666

4. @scariest_bug_ever

5. @lianafinck

6. @bunnymemes

7. @sensualmemes