Niklas Agevik
Jun 27, 2017 · 1 min read

I agree with most of this but I still end up viewing the libertarian view as the only one internally consistent and respectful of human value.

As a libertarian I can still respect the individuals, something that is not consistent with the liberal or conservative view that view them as a group: “the opressed” or “the barbarians” to paraphrase.

What I don’t agree with is “But we ignore the role of culture and family in holding our most disadvantaged back. Incentives may help, but they rarely solve every problem perfectly.”. I would argue the complete opposite. Do libertarians want a state to provide incentives of any kind to disadvantaged people? (not sure is this is exactly what you meant , could be interpreted in other ways).

I think the libertarian viewpoint would be that it is up to us individuals to help those in need by teaching them the skills necessary to produce their own wealth.

To take myself as an example, one of my own key skills is fundraising. This is a fantastic skill to have as it empowers you to pursue a lot of different projects. Whenever I get the chance to help other entrepreneurs I try to teach them this one skill. Almost anyone with average IQ can learn this skill, but it does require a culture where people are encouraged to learn it. Fortunately for me, I saw other people from the same town as me, the same age as me doing it so I assumed I could do learn to do it myself too and subsequently did.

Niklas Agevik

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Runs startups, long distances. PM & CEO at @Instabridge.

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