Why You Don’t Make Money With Your Online Business Yet

Let me first of all tell you a secret: YOU won’t make any money with your business ever

This thesis seems to be really hard but let me tell you why I am right pointing out this. In this article I only speak about online video course business models where you basically sell your knowledge to interested people.

There is only one problem which makes you earn any money with your online business: YOUR KNOLEDGE

What do I mean by saying that? Well let’s first of all take a look on how such business models are getting born.

Mostly one sees some awesome guy telling he makes some couple of thousands of dollars a week with just some hours of work on the laptop. This guy travels a lot, drives fancy cars and wears incredibly nice clothes. This dude has an awesome life, doesn’t he? And how would you feel if this guy tells you that you can have the same life? This would be f*cking crazy! All you got to do is to buy some video course for some hundreds of bucks where he explains how you can live your dreams exactly like this guy.

And here we are. The nice guy will only tell you to do the exact same thing as he did:

Search for some person with a problem and tell them how they can solve it.

The main problem is: you will tell them nothing important but take their cash. Let’s come back to my example above. When you saw the whole course online this guy will most likely tell you how to make money by selling a video course about one topic you are familiar with. So what you gonna do is to transform the knowledge about how to make money into another video course so you can sell it again. Or you simply google for some hours to fill your course with information taken from some websites. So basically you simply sell trash.

That’s why you won’t ever have success, because no one wants to buy trash. You don’t know anything about your niche and that is why no one will buy your 257 bucks video course where yourselves act like an expert which you of course aren’t.

No one wants to get tips from some 18-year old network marketing guru who works full time at the supermarket or from some self-employed real estate investor who read 3 books about real estate.

What I really want to point out is that there are more than 99% fake experts trying to sell scrap for an incredible amount of money!

If you have worked as investment banker at Goldman Sachs for more than 5 years and you want to help people to find the right investment to earn some money I am not criticizing you but all the wanna-be experts out there who never ever tried out what they are talking about.