Tribes don’t stay long!

They always move on.

Eventually the early adopters will leave Medium, but at the moment they are arriving in packs. Checking in with their sticker-heavy Macs. Eyeing the lobby with thick rimmed specs. Cunning but exited. Where is the espresso?

I am moving to Medium — gurus are saying in posts…


Recently, president Obama adressed millenials in a first post on Medium.
This puts the finger on an important thing — social networks are fluid oceans. If they provide an oasis for some behavior some tribes will move there. Leaving other social networks partly or entirely…

So why are we migrating to Medium? Medium provides a sanctuary for at least two key human behaviors: reading. And writing. Much like Pocket Medium is built around reading. Mobile reading. And as with first class writing tools (see ommwriter, skrivr et al) writing — and the collaboration process around writing — is a also pure pleasure.

Add to this a world where “skyscraper content” — content so qualitative that it rises over the sea of fuzzy mediocre noice —is desperately desired. Then it suddenly seems so logic:

Well-written content that can actually be read on mobile is a killer app!

And who would have guessed? I can hear myself saying not more than a year ago:

video, Video, can’t you see! VIDEO! You need video!

Totally logic, right? “NOBODY reads anymore”. But here we are at Medium and we read. And there is…lust! for reading. And for writing in this white space that Medium provides.

This points to another important thing: Its damn hard to predict what the next social network will be. Nobody knows. But we know that tribes will move. Again and again.

If one bird takes of — a cloud of birds will rise. If we want to have a voice we are adviced to find — and keep following—our audience.

One example is President Obama and his social media team at the White House. They know that a voice is useless without an audience. They are keeping up with the tribe:

(below is part of the White House first post on Medium)

”Hello, Medium! It’s the White House.

We’re really excited to be here. We’ll use this account to share ideas and stories from President Obama and his administration — from a look at what’s happening inside the White House to information about policies that will help more working Americans get ahead.

And today, we’re jumping right in.

Ahead of the President’s visit to a tech hub in Los Angeles, he published a post about innovation in America and what the economy looks like for Millennials.”


So, keep track of your tribe. Learn their new oasis. And the conversations will keep on flowing. Perhaps even better than at the last waterhole.

Niklas Lohmann is co-founder at HAAARTLAND technologies. A tool giving super-powers to marketers wanting to understand their market niches in almost spockish ways…

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