My struggles with Writing

…and how to overcome them

I’m challenging myself! Throughout the last week I thought about topics for this blog and especially for this post. My problem is, that I’m not really good at settling down on one thing and building upon that. I’m always thinking about multiple things at ones but I want to get better at nailing my focus on one specific thing.

My struggle wasn’t with writing but with getting and validating exactly one idea to share. See, I have been making movies for as long as I can remember but I mostly had a predetermined story that I captured, so I guess that I just have to get used to creating something out of nothing. Now that I know about what I wanna talk, the process of bringing words to the page and iterating over them is more or less easy.

I wanna get better at writing, better at focusing on one thought at a time.

When I wanna get better at something I always take the same approach: I force myself to do that thing over and over again. And I have to finish something regularly, no matter how bad the result is! If I wanna close the gap I have to put something out constantly. You can’t improve something you didn’t make.

I’m challenging myself to release a Medium blogpost, like this one, at least once a week and sustain that as long as I’m getting better or at least as long I have fun.