Gamification of Parenting

Being a father myself, I am loving the challenges of parenthood. It is amazing what our little ones come up with to get things done their way. Being firm as a parent is important but I love the concept of making rules and chores fun and challenging. It is always better if kids want to do something, instead being forced to do it. I would love to learn about your games and tricks you came up with.

by Niklaus Gerber
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I saw so many clever little gems on the web about parents who try to make family life more fun for everyone. There are amazing guys, like Bruce Feiler. He tries to run his family like an agile team with constant feedback and accountability. A radical approach: His kids pick their own punishments.

Bruce Feiler: Agile programming — for your family

But not everyone is an agile coach and I think there is plenty of room for your own ideas, games and challenges you can introduce to your family. Here are some examples I found on the web.

Want today’s WIFI password?
The tooth fairy has high standards
A different way to present chores to your kids

Kids chore rules with allowance and math

Kids chore rules with allowance and math
It’s all about the money
Game of chores

via: The Brandvox Blog

As expected there are a lot of creative parents out there who try to get stuff in the household done. I am a big fan of the SCVNGR’s Game Mechanics, which I use a lot for new projects. The ideas can be applied to pretty much anything and they add value to your applications, meetings or your project workflows. There is no doubt that they are also a good starting point on how to make parenting more fun.

Get them here.

Now I need your help!

What ideas did you come up with to gamify your family life? Do you hand out badges? Can your kids level up? Have you tried incentifying dull things which need to be done? I would be very happy hearing from you. It does not matter if you actually use it yourself, if you came up with something new based on the game mechanics or you just have a friend who uses a challenge or game that works.

Post your ideas, games or your challenges. Once I get 30 good ones together I will put the best ones into a little presentation and share them on my blog.

If you don’t mind sharing this article, so we get plenty of good challenges together. Very much appreciated!

Niklaus Gerber is the Product Manager Apps @NZZ, problem solver & digital architect seeking to make the complex clear & beautiful.