How I spent 2 months in a startup and why you should too

I spent 2 months in Pygmalios — a customer experience analytics company. I was an intern - the assistant marketer. It turned out to be a really crazy experience, read below:

During my final year at high school which I was tired of already, I met guys from a retail analytics startup (now a company) Pygmalios. As the summer approached, I decided to apply for an internship…

The hard work:

I was expecting to work hard and do a lot of difficult things I did not know how to do yet. This was all true and I did, but I also did something else….

Something else:

What I did not expect was the culture. From the day 1, I was given responsibilities and authorities over content I created. I got to vote on decisions made in the teams I was assigned to. I could choose what to work on and when to work on it. And of course, I did not expect the parties to be so frequent, which was a great revelation :)

I learned a LOT and gained considerably wider perspective in how actually business works. If you think you know a lot, wait for the real thing! Sometimes you have to dig up the solution to the current problem two days in a row to find out that you have been looking in the wrong place. The practical experience in an actual company will show you just that and will point you to the right direction.

Time spent this way taught me a lot. I would totally recommend this experience to anybody who is ambitious and who wants to really make a step forward in his career. In the beginning, work for experience.

So what did it actually gave me?

I improved.