dTrade Raises Pre-Seed Round Led by Polychain Capital for a Decentralized Derivatives Exchange on Polkadot

Nikodem Grzesiak
2 min readMar 5, 2021


We’re thrilled to announce that dTrade has completed a pre-seed round led by Polychain Capital. This marks the beginning of dTrade’s journey to become the first decentralized exchange for derivatives on Polkadot. Other investors include ParaFi Capital, Hypersphere Ventures, Mechanism Capital, CMS Holdings, AU21 Capital, PNYX Ventures, Calvin Liu from Compound, Meltem Demirors from CoinShares, Ricky Li from Altonomy, and other great angel investors.

With the strategic and operational backing, dTrade is in a strong position to lead derivatives trading on Polkadot. Our goal is to build the most technologically robust open trading platform by leveraging the performance, scalability and security of Substrate.

We will use the capital raised to:

  • Develop the futures and options offering, expand the team and keep building
  • Develop and enact a legally sound approach towards realizing a compliant decentralized derivatives exchange
  • Engage in technical audits to ensure utmost security and optimal performance of all components of dTrade

About dTrade

dTrade is a decentralized exchange for derivative products built on Edgeware, a Polkadot Smart Contract Chain. The exchange is designed to function as a public utility, owned and controlled by the community of token holders. Modular, extensible smart contracts enable continuous upgrades and additions to the protocol. These contracts are open source, developer friendly, and built to leverage the performance and security of Substrate.

dTrade will launch an insurance fund and offer perpetual swap trading in Q2 2021, both with early participation rewards. Traders will benefit from a seamless trading experience, familiar to that of centralized exchanges, no gas fees and low trading fees. The protocol for trading options will go live later in the year. The number of features and assets on dTrade will grow over time. Soon, we will be able to rapidly launch new trading pairs and allow traders to gain the exposure they want, whenever they want. This is just the beginning — we hope you join us in creating the future of finance.

If you are interested in trading perpetuals, options, or other derivatives then please join the growing community on Telegram and follow us on Twitter!

Niko Grzesiak

Strategy Lead, dTrade

Website: https://dtrade.org
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dtradeorg
Telegram: https://t.me/dTradeOfficial