Over the last few years, many people are starting to pay attention to the enterprise consumerization trend. Companies like Slack, Airtable and Zoom have acquired huge valuations which made VCs coin the term — the consumerization of enterprise (CoE).

Since then, there have been many high-profile individuals writing about this topic, but I believe that there is still a lot of grey area in the discussions about this new concept.

The goal of this article is to showcase where the roots of many of the most successful startups in the CoE space start and how they have…

An inside look at your MC-LSTM, soon releasing on iTunes

A major part of all future AI applications is building networks that are capable of learning from some dataset and then generating original content. This idea has been applied to Natural Language Processing (NLP) and that is how the AI community developed something called Language Models

The premise of a Language Model is to learn how sentences are built in some body of text and use that knowledge to generate new content

In my case, I wanted to try out Rap Generation as a fun side project to see if I can recreate lyrics of a popular Canadian rapper Drake…

About Our Humble Beginings

Many times we’ve been asked, how did our organization start and how we became the only all-Canadian 🇨🇦 team in the SpaceX Competition. This post is aimed to answer all of those questions, as well as provide insights on the technology used in our first ever Hyperloop pod.

How Did It All Begin?

It all begun when SpaceX released their first official white paper about Hyperloop. …

Please fasten your seat belt, we are in for a fun ride

What is Waterloop?

We are a team of ambitious students from the University of Waterloo competing in SpaceX’s Hyperloop Pod Competition. We are proud to represent Canada at the global stage and bring everything we learn back to our school and community.

Our Pod

With no time to spare, lets take a look at our pod!

Goose II captured at the small test track in Sedra Student Design Centre on campus of University of Waterloo. 2017

Oh what a beauty she is… With air bearings for levitation, a completely friction-less propulsion system, fiber-glass shell and powerful suspension system, you are in for a smooth, but fast ride.

Why did we join Medium?

Giving back

We are participating in one of the most exciting student competitions in the world and we want to…

The inspiration for this article has been derived from the ongoing debate about net neutrality.

Preface: I’m a daily user of the internet and I’m a strong supporter of net-neutrality. I want other people to get involved in discussion and give a brief overview to those just tuning in on the current state of the network.

What did we want the internet to be in the beginning?

Internet has been envisioned and theorized about for a long time. Initially, the internet was supposed to be a completely decentralized system that allows anyone request a file from a person who owns it and that person to provide it. As a guy with a very long name (Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider) explained it,

APRANET Logical Map, March 1977

A network of such [computers]…

Note: This is a purely opinion-based article, take everything with a grain of salt. (a good rule for internet in general)

Bitcoin value is over-hyped

If you think about the underlying idea behind every technology, Bitcoin was created as a currency, as a method to make transactions over a distributed network, with no third parties (like a bank) involved to verify all the transactions. Bitcoin has introduced a lot on innovations and solved many important problems (such as a problem of double-spending and transaction verification), which made the entire idea of having an online-only currency a reality.

Growth of the industry, not bitcoin

The growth of the Bitcoin can be very well described based on the growth of the crypto-currencies in general. Based on the charts from this awesome website, that…

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

The idea for this article came after watching the video by TheVerge about the company called 8i (they actually have a Medium account 8i), which I’m going to link below:

Capturing holographic memories for AR and VR by TheVerge

After watching this video, I realized that what 8i was doing by filming parents with their children is very relatable to me.

I remembered that about a month ago, I got this notification form Google Photos on my phone, that one of my sibilings has turned four and there was a video ready for me that combined a bunch of the…

First of all, it only feels natural that every article about blockchains should start with a quick explanation of the technology. In order to make this article reach a wider audience and be more accessible, I’m going to follow a similar startegy and explain the general idea of Blockchains and why they are so useful.

The abstract interpretation is that a Blockchain is just a like a chain. It’s a combination of many chain links that are attached together; anyone can see the chain links and all the links are ordered so that there is always a previous link and…

Ruslan Nikolaev

Data Scientist https://nikolaevra.com

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