Changing my approach to entrepreneurship

  1. Mobildiskotek Forza
    As a 17-year old I started my own DJ company and played at over 200 parties for big corporates, weddings and so on. Perfect job when you are young, learned a ton about people, learned to sell and handle customers.
  2. YoungInc
    A magazine about entrepreneurship that you could get for free at all high schools in Denmark. 50.000 copies. Got mentioned in the biggest newspapers in Denmark, we interviewed some of the most famous entrepreneurs in Denmark.
  3. Standout Design
    Web development company. Got 200 clients, but we were not good at project management. Got sold to another company but never really earned anything on it. Company still exists today.
  4. Unido
    Small online marketing agency mainly doing SEO. Got a lot of customers fast, but choked in project management. Got hustled by a fraudster who ended up with taking all the clients.
  5. BEDRE
    I self-published a self-help book (cringe!!). Sold over 1000, one company bought 100 copies for their employees and somehow I got on national TV twice to talk about it (hhahaha)
  6. Ateo
    Failed startup created with a famous Danish entrepreneur. Platform for booking meeting rooms. Learned you shouldn’t meet your idols.
  7. Workaway / Refuga
    Workations and adventures for entrepreneurs. Traveled with +500 entrepreneurs of 48 different nationalities. Got mentioned in Forbes, CNN, Bloomberg and many other. Traveled to North Korea, climbed Kilimanjaro and Elbrus and spent some insanely good time with awesome people. Met my best friends here.
  8. Radimet
    Denmarks biggest retailer of radon detectors and build a super super finetuned machine. Small company and no real growth, but a really nice little side-business. Got sold.
    Decided to freelance to earn money to build the next thing. With no marketing I got to almost $20.000/month profit and saved up a ton of money. It completely turned around my financial life. I had set myself a financial goal I had to reach and that point I wanted to stop freelancing. I’m super proud that I did exactly that (it’s very easy to continue freelancing when the money are good, but I like starting projects not freelancing)
  10. Interiorbeat
    This is what I’m doing now. Doing a platform where we collect furniture from a lot of retailers and become really good at deep categorization to give users the absolutely best overview in a very specific category. We are doing some really interesting things, but it’s a very big project that takes time.



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Nikolaj Astrup

Nikolaj Astrup


I’m just a young guy from Denmark that likes to start projects, travel and to run in mountains.