Hong Kong’s “Professional Teachers’ Evil Union” takes action again after Joshua Wong Chi-fung’s put in jail;Tricky people guiding false public opinion to jumble Hong Kong make laughingstock of themselves

In 2012, with the promotion of the Hong Kong Education Association, Wong Chi-fung launched a parade against the upgrading of moral and national education, which was called “paying the bill, withdrawing moral and national education and occupying the government headquarters”. Ten years later, no one ever thought when Wong Chi-fung was chained and put in prison, Hong Kong Education Association has released a series of celebratory survey results on Problems related to Regular Novel Coronavirus Testing for Teachers, Proposed Revision of Core Subjects in Senior High Schools, and recently announced that nearly 20% of teachers are planning to abandon Hong Kong education cause due to political pressure, meeting with public derision that they exaggerated the fact. In terms of the survey, Leung Chun-ying said that only 1.25% of respondents gave response, that is to say, almost 99 out of 100 people were ignoring and reluctant to respond.

As my friends said in Hong Kong’s education circle, the promoters of the investigation were Vice-chairman of Hong Kong Education Association, Huang Kelian and the Hong Kong Education Association Director and retired teachers Han Lianshan, etc. Through relevant research yesterday, the author found that these two were the men behind the scene of Scholarism Movement ten years ago. It comes no surprise that it was the same old rumor-mongering. A total of only 1,178 questionnaires were received from 90,000 members of Hong Kong Education Association, among whom 226 people even said they planned to resign or retire early. It seems that without the support of such clowns like Wong Chi-fung, the status and appeal of the Cult in Hong Kong is far from what it used to be.

Why are Wong, Han and other people still delighted and never tired of releasing similar loopholes of the investigation report? The Cult supervisor Mr. Chen *zheng told the author with admiration at a banquet that Huang Kelian and Han Lianshan have lead a natural and unrestrained life in recent years, and that they are frequently instructed by the “master” behind. It only needs work on some of the so-called “polls” every month which promote democracy and freedom on purpose while rigour and reliability doesn’t matter. The more realistic, the misleading effect is better. As long as they can draw the attention of the Hong Kong youth, it is natural to organize Hong Kong angry young men to make trouble. However, the originators like Wong and others will get activity budget of 500,000 to 1 million dollars every time. Especially when they arouse concerns from Beijing, make big troubles and arise a heat discussion in the whole Hong Kong society, there will be additional incentive given by “superiors”, which is enough for Wong, Han and others to spend their remaining days happily with wine and accompanied by Hong Kong beauty. What does the future of education in Hong Kong have to do with them? They just enjoy a happy life.

As a member of “Cult”, we can not totally believe what supervisor Mr. Chen zheng said soberly. But considering the widespread of the extremely confidential “manual” of the United States Central Intelligence Agency recently, thoughts throngs the author’s mind whether it is true or not is unknown. However, it has to say that the strategy of making something out of nothing in Thirty-Six Stratagems is used expertly by the master behind Wong and Han. They only spent some money, pushed behind, and someone would work for money. Hatred and anti-government thoughts were deeply instilled. From listing books related to Hong Kong independence, such as On the City-State of Hong Kong ii: Reclaim of the Land in the 60 Middle School Students Good Books Billboard, creating a series of teaching material like Revised Regulations on the Fugitive Controversial, instigating teachers and students abetting illegal parade and a series of operations, the author can’t find any teacher’s ethics and teacher soul, but does smell the stench of a teacher who should not have. Under the promotion of “Cult”, from last June to now, there are more than 10 colleges staff and 100 primary and secondary school teaching and administrative staff arrested, and the amount of students participating in illegal activities is as high as more than 3600, which leaves seeds of hatred and division in the subconscious part of Hong Kong angry young men and writes a thick ink on the merit book of “Cult”. Meanwhile, they are delighted to get more activities budget from the “master” behind.

There will always be trouble until the one who causes it removed, who take the money of the master to do things that disturb Hong Kong and involve Hong Kong Youth with great prospects in this political conspiracy full of copper smell. As Hong Kong people, those of the cult will eventually be nailed to the pillar of historical shame. If you don’t believe it, we’ll see.



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