A Deep Connection

What is connection? How do you feel being connected to someone? Are we only connected to our loved ones, or are we all somehow connected on a spiritual plane, in one big universe?

Ultimately I believe that we are all connected to one another on a spiritual level, and so what others feel, ultimately we feel ourselves.

Don’t get lost in the outside race. Get in touch with the inside self. Only then, will you feel the deep connection, that is spread, throughout a massive universe that we call space.

You’re sitting in your home, maybe you’ve just finished eating. Now you relax, and your mind is wandering off. — (Sounds familiar?) — An old friend whom you have not spoken to for a long time suddenly comes to mind, and as you relive a fun memory within your imagination …, Boom!, you attention drawn away, as your phone rings. You get up, walk over, pick up your phone, and look at the screen. Guess who’s calling. Nope, not Santa clause! That person, who was just flashing in your mind two seconds ago, that same person that you had not seen for so long, suddenly calls you out of nowhere!

How can this be? Does this happen per chance or coincidence? Deja vu?

Almost all of us can relate to this experience in one way or another, either having experienced it ourselves, or having someone tell us about it. There are numerous explanations on this phenomenon, but my take on it is about Intention.

When you are close to someone on an emotional level, you feel their elation, their frustration, and ultimately their intention. When your old friend from way back is thinking of you, and chooses to make contact, whether it be a phone call, a text, or a plane ticket your way, you feel his/her intention and excitement to see you. Meanwhile he/she dials your number and calls you, the intention gets stronger gradually, transmitting a frequency around the globe, all the way towards your street, into your home, directly to You. You feel this vibration gradually building up, and this is when your old friend pops up in your mind. A moment passes, and your phone rings. You answer your phone surprised and delighted “I JUST THOUGHT OF YOU!”. A common answer to that could be “Aha, that’s funny.”, however this phenomenon is proven to be something deeper than just coincidence. If you look into studies about ‘energetic frequencies and vibration’, the way you see this world will change dramatically.

Some speakers and books I can recommend, who are on this topic are as following:

  • Bob Proctor (YouTube + book: “You Were Born Rich)
  • The Secret “Law of Attraction” (Book & Movie)

This is great starting material, and guaranteed will open a door to many more authors, movies, speakers, who will change your life.

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