You can’t stop this, much as you might want to.

Screenshot credit to Naughty Dog’s press release.

The Last of Us Part 2 is a game about love and pure fire-and-brimstone hatred, full of moments that you will deeply despise and be warmed by the affection of. The game has a story that will be a hit or miss; I honestly don’t know how to tell the difference between a person who will hate or love the game, as the reasons are vast among the people I’ve discussed it with. I’ll do what I can to tell you how I felt, and I felt both.

Fair warning, there will be a lot of spoilers.

I so…

Airdorf Games reached deep down into the dark recesses of the 1980s to find the sardonic material necessary to forge something as grim and gripping as Faith, presented in a most unassuming package. My past experience with horror titles includes Penumbra, Condemned, Amnesia, and Outlast, nothing like the blocky textures of the games I found covered in dust that plugged into my mom’s old 2600, but as I crept through Faith’s forests and decrepit mansion, I was genuinely unnerved by everything in its low resolution. …

This essay is dedicated to my mother, who helped me realize my life was still worth living.

The spring had come in 2012 and thawed the creek in our way, but traversing it had never been a problem for me. Whenever I found myself coming down here, I’d make sure to wear my waterproof boots. Only as I was halfway through my own crossing did I realize that maybe I had left that key detail out for Tommy. I turned to look at him standing there on the sandy, silty bank in a pair of white Adidas and ankle socks…

Baked & Wired is my favorite place to get coffee in the entire world. Since my sophomore year in high school, I’ve been frequenting the place, and I never get tired of it. Whatever roast they use for their iced coffee, it’s ensconced my heart in their wonderful location on Thomas Jefferson Street in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C. The walk from the Rosslyn metro across the Key Bridge, crossing another six blocks east is one I love to take, and I’m quite certain said trips have given the spot several hundred of my dollars. The other day I…

Nikolas Dennis

Writer-in-progress, still trying to figure out exactly what I want to write about. Definitely something about mental health awareness. Maybe video games.

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