I Got Nothin’ But Time

Whilst walking home from lunch, a few of my friends told me that I looked like a great weight had been lifted from my shoulders: my skin was glowing, I was walking taller than usual, and I had a genuine smile on my face. In that moment, I told them that I had just finished my last final, and the three of them agreed that school must be bad for my health, before wishing me a wonderful summer. I partly agree with them, the last few weeks of my junior year at UMW were quite hectic, but now as I sit and write back in my hometown of Arlington, Virginia, in the bedroom I finished high school in, I can’t help but miss the structure and routine.

Don’t get me wrong, I need this break, and I love the free time, but I don’t always spend it as wisely as I should. I’ve been home a week, and I spent three of those days catching up on all the sleep I lost in the course of the semester. However, I can’t do that all summer, for it would be such a terrible waste. The times were trying at points, but there was hardly a moment were I was doing absolutely nothing. I want to make sure that I don’t spend too much time lazing about, for I want to work on the things I never had much of a chance to with the numerous assignments I had to devote my waking hours to. I never make plans to accomplish more than three incredibly necessary goals a day, for doing so will have your attention and achieved quality spread very thin. Nonetheless, over the course of the next three months I’ve set some major tasks for myself to keep me busy.

1. Write the essay that I’ve been dreaming of

There’s a point in my life that I consider my reimagining, a wake up call, a rebirth, that I’ve always wanted to shed some light on, but I’ve just never found the right words. After having learned more and more on the nonfiction drafting process from one of my classes, I’m set on giving it my best first shot so that I can finally clear the air, and air the grievances I have with myself. I’ve done things that have left the most noxious taste in my mouth, but I understand that in order to have gotten to points D, E, and F in my life, I had to make it through points A, B, and C first. Is it a memoir? A written confession? A dark collection of conscious thought and what I see in my dreams? I don’t know. I’ve got two pages so far, but I hope to chip away at it a bit each day with the next goal.

2. Write a little bit most everyday

Most writers write everyday. They’ve reserved time, usually around an hour, to flexing their muscles and developing their craft, and I think I should do that as a start to each new day. My personal goal is one thousand words a day, which is how much I think Hemingway wrote a day. I know Faulkner wrote at least five hundred a day, which is odd, for having thumbed through their respective works in a book store, I’m certain that the daily word amounts should be flipped, but I digress. The writing doesn’t need to be the same thing everyday; I’ve got that massive essay, I have two books full of wonderful writing prompts, and I’m working on getting more involved with an online writing club, so there’s plenty to choose from.

3. Take a summer class

This is the goal that I’m least looking forward to, but future me will be thankful for. My first year in college was bumpy, and the first semester of my junior year was particularly trying due to an increased manifestation of my depression, and taking down the number of elective credits I still need to get will benefit me immensely, in terms of my state of mind and my future payments on student loans. The one I’m looking at is a 100 level class, so nothing to be too worried about, but it’s still a decent chunk of my week just taken away.

4. Get my license

This is the most embarrassing: I still don’t have a driver’s license. I had a traumatic experience when I was learning to drive in my final years of high school, and eventually I just stopped practicing altogether. This didn’t effect my life that much, for everything I do in A-Town or across the river in DC is within a combination of walking distance, a metro stop, or an uber ride. But I feel like such a bum without it! My little brother has his license, and after hearing about his insurance rates and car payments, I’m in no hurry to buy a car. I should still get the thing for emergency reasons, and for when I get to a point where I can afford a car. So I’ll have to get another permit, and then I’ll have to start practicing again. There’s a lot of work, but spread out over three months, it won’t register as colossal as my brain is making it out to be. Plus, I’ll be able to operate the most gangster ride ever created: A 1996 Honda Civic.

5. Work on photography

Fuck me, this is the one I’m most amped up about. Let me paint a picture for you: most human beings, most organisms on Earth even, are made up of the elements carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorous, and sulfur, plus other trace elements. However, acting as my photography teacher was a man made up entirely of malice, hatred, and the folly of man. I have never met a more discouraging, humiliating, apathetic person in my entire life, and how this manifestation of all poisonous emotions has a rating higher than three on RateMyProfessors.com,hell, how he even has friends, is a greater mystery to me than how Indiana Jones so easily and haphazardly carried around and tossed that golden idol. I’ll tell ya, I’d rather wake up in a pit of the most venomous snakes in the world than be taught by that incorrigible excuse of a professor again. As much as this son of a bitch put me and my entire class down, I will not stop working on film photography. My last assignment had me emulating the style of a wonderful portrait photographer, and I found something I really liked doing. I want to get better at composition, at developing, at the processes of dodging and burning, and I will not be put down by such immense negativity.

6. Go running

This is the simplest one. I just want to be in better shape. There’s not a lot of fat on my body, but where there is, I can’t say I’m a fan. So I’m going to start running as often as I can and burn it off. Skinny fat is a thing, and it is a thing I do not want to be.

Some of the daily writing I do might manifest itself here on Medium, with some more researched pieces going up on my Wordpress blog. I’ll make updates when I can, and I’ll try to take as many photos as time will allow. Before I go, here are a few interesting things I’ve found while browsing.

Psy has not one, but two new music videos out and they are both wonderful.

Gangnam Style is five years old(!)

The NDA for the Quake Champions beta is no longer up, and Fatal1ty is streaming 24 hours of gameplay

The Rickmobile will be super close to me on the 25th of May! I’m going to buy a backpack to put all my shit in!

Logic’s new album, Everybody, is one of the most wonderful hip hop rides I’ve ever been on

Thanks to everyone who reached all the way down here, I’ve left a secret link just for you, my wonderful readers! Now I’m gonna get a few games of Quake in. Word to the wise, don’t let me get the railgun if you want to win.