I just landed a job in San Francisco, from Macedonia. Here is my real CV.

So you won’t see this a lot. I didn’t follow a typical path and always wanted to do my own shit. Although I respected some — I mostly disregarded any advice that was given to me. Let’s be real, I suffered a lot because of that. Those who know me, know that I don’t take stuff lightly. I stressed over it a lot. That’s the main reason why I want to tell my story. There were countless times where I felt like this shit is not for me and I aspire way too much. But their advice sucked. We live in a place where “misery loves company”. That’s gonna stay here for the next 100 years unless we do something about that. You don’t need anyone’s support to do shit. Of course is scary, but the status quo is not an option. To quote Tim Minchin: “Put your head down and work with pride on whatever is in front of you. You never know where you might end up.”


1999 — selling my books in front of my house to random strangers. My reasoning was simple, why do I need them when I already know the story?

2000 — sold nuts in front of the same street while spending more than a week getting them from the forest nearby. Sold them for x10 less than the real value. I am still the worst negotiator you’ll ever see.

2004/2005 — worked at my dad’s computer gaming place. I tried doing marketing. This should’ve been my first clue…

2004/2005 — spent hours at my grandfather’s house trying to figure out how to steal some of the money they gambled on poker. Learned a shit load of poker while also “earning” money. Because of this I went on to win a poker tournament in Vegas but let’s leave that for some other time.

2006 — slaughtered chickens with Alek Drenko on a farm. Ironically, he is now a vegan. Really shitty job for guys in the seventh grade. But I needed the money…

2008 — became the first president of what’s now the biggest Red Cross youth club in Macedonia. To do this, we (Victor Petrovski and I) had to resist the temptation of joining other well-established youth clubs and start something on our own. This included hours of negotiating with a cool but constantly drunk guy and another sober dude but a real asshole, finding actual members, leading meetings, going on countless events…

2008/2009/2010 — worked as “everything” on the largest Beer Fest in Macedonia. 14 hours for $10 seemed reasonable back then.

2011 — enrolled in the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, not because I wanted to learn programming but because everything else sucked and I was good at math.

2011 — started my bright freelancing career with solving the homework of some frat guys that were drinking and parting while I did all the work for not more than $20. We were the same age.

2012 — Started the first website in Macedonia for aggregating all the locations that you could train a certain sport and also booking football fields online. Victor Petrovski didn’t really know how to program this and I didn’t even try — spent my time on finding businesses that would join. We spent months programming and visiting trainers and then decided we need to learn more to continue with this project.

2012 — Worked on editing porn videos for $1 a pop. Not just me, 6 of us were working on that all in one room…

2013 — Internship at T-Home. Somehow survived one month and that’s the last time I’ll ever visit a corporation like that let alone work in one.

2014 — Freelancing obviously was not my thing. We decided to be a gaming company and made a game about Leanardo’s inability to win an Oscar. I am still proud of my idea and the fact that Alek Drenko got us into some Somalian (Malaysian?) website. Sadly, the game was removed 5 days later but we got 1000 downloads. That’s more than what a typically Macedonian-promote-on-facebook-with-my-dad’s-money startup will get. Oh — and Victor Petrovski coded most of it I was way more interested in the growth segment.

2014 — Worked in Bacara Resort as a busboy. Far from home, but we wanted to start our own startup and me and Alek Drenko didn’t even have computers. We got around that pretty quickly. One thing we did not do is complain about our current situation.

2015 — Failed with Dary, our first app and pivoted to Buzz.

2015 — I had to pay the rent somehow so I started tutoring college kids. I went on from making $5 an hour all the way to $65. This “side-hustle” is now dexter.mk and supporting 3 people.

2016 — worked as an android, iOS, software design & architecture and JavaScript mentor at the new mans academy. How? I still have no idea. I was literally learning the stuff before teaching it. I was calling Victor from the bathroom every time I couldn’t solve something in my code. But the expenses of having my own startup forced me to do this.

late 2016/2017 — Buzz gets an investment of $20.000 and grows to 160 000 users from three different countries.

2017 — Worked as Growth marketer for a Macedonian company. It sucked. I quit after 3 weeks. I guess they were offended by me leaving and told me I was not a hustler… Yea right.

2017 — I somehow got the job of leading a fb page for a promising San Francisco company. With all the experience I had, I was humble enough to see the opportunity and accept an internship. Worked my ass off for this and moved up to become a growth lead for their core business.

Some of our clients are Udemy, WeWork, Postmates, Blinkist, Shyp… Honestly, you can see that I don’t have the experience that you would typically need to work at this job. Even my university is from a totally different field. But you know what’s more important? Being hardworking, admitting mistakes, taking risks and doing shit on your own. Fuck the companies here if they don’t recognize that. You’ll find someone who does. Don’t adjust to these motherfuckers here because most of them just want to get money for them. Do stuff that’s gonna grow you as a person. I am gonna leave you with this.