Snapchat goes for the K.O.

I guess why this battle between Snapchat and Instagram is getting a lot of attention is that Evan is the only one who has stood up successfully against Mark in the last 10 years. Facebook has crushed every single opponent in the social media business until now.

The shift is happening

It is no secret that Snapchat crushed the 13–24 age group, but as every social media the plan was to grow even more. What Instagram did was stop that growth dramatically. As numbers imply people 24 and older are leaving Snapchat for Instagram. Having camera filters, face recognition and so much more was not enough against the bigger audience that Instagram has.

Snapchat still rules the millennials

There is no doubt that keeping Snapchat more private and more fun is keeping the millennials more engaged and interested in the app. So the battle really is about those 24–34 age group.

Now is the time for a K.O.

Let me put it this way. I am 24 years old and just deleted Snapchat because there is just no addition value for me there. But imagine Snapchat implementing something that would make me download and use the app once again. Whether that would be the best camera filter ever, some VR stuff or just a random feature, my opinion is that this will be the death of Instagram stories. Re-engaging this age group would be the final hit that Facebook would take until it finally stops coping Snapchat. My bet is on Snap since they showed amazing creativity and understanding what their users want. It is all just a matter of time until they deliver the final blow.