How ‘Netflix Direct’ solves for decision fatigue and front-loads value by tapping into existing habits | by Growth Academy — The growth strategy course by leaders from Silicon Valley

Sometimes you have to take a step back to leap forward. Netflix is for the first time launching a pre-programmed, linear channel called ‘Netflix Direct in France what sounds like quite an unconventional move at traditional TV.¹ What seems counterintuitive at first is actually quite genius from a growth strategy perspective.

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Let’s find out why, by taking a look under the growth hood. …

How to turn seasonal demand shocks into long term growth | by Growth Academy — The growth strategy course by leaders from Silicon Valley

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According to Search Engine Land shoppers are spending up to 30% more money online since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. This shift in online shopping behavior will most likely boost Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales even further. This means transactional B2C businesses like e-commerce have to expect a substantially bigger Black Friday sales boost and have to be prepared for it. …

How to fix your leaky bucket and drive growth with ‘moments that matter’ | by Growth Academy — The growth strategy course by leaders from Silicon Valley

First of all, we don’t believe in so-called ‘Growth Hacking’ and ‘Quick Fixes’ at Growth Academy. Quite the opposite, our experiences show that solving growth challenges successfully requires strategic and systematic growth approaches which you can learn in our remote growth courses.

One of the most important but often underestimated growth topics is customer retention. Retention problems can be compared to a ‘leaky bucket’ where the usual top line acquisition efforts begin to fill your bucket with customers but you are also slowly losing customers through hidden drop offs in your customer lifecycle. …

Why starting your growth strategy with channels doesn’t get you anywhere | by Growth Academy — The growth strategy course by leaders from Silicon Valley

Unfortunately, most acquisition strategies start with channels and where to spend money — like ads, social media, and SEO. According to Myk Pono, author of the Marketing Playbook¹, the standard acquisition process often looks like this:

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Such a reversed acquisition approach results in putting the customer audience last. Some companies also assign teams to specific channels which certainly has advantages when it comes to specialization and efficiency. But organizations built around channels are prone to neglect important parts of the customer experience and instead focus on their own initiatives. …

Top picks of growth hacking visuals curated by Growth AcademyThe growth strategy course by leaders from Silicon Valley

We decided to take a different angle than usual for discussing growth strategy insights in this article. With a selection of growth hacking related graphs and visuals we want to highlight different thought leaders’ growth insights. Explore our top picks of the month:

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Source: Product-led Growth Collective

1) Growth prism — Growth strategy requires alignment of product and marketing (and other functions)

Applying growth strategy implies holistic and growth-oriented user experiences. In order to deliver such experiences companies have to move away from classical silo org structures and have to make sure that customer facing functions (e.g. marketing, sales…

How Spotify’s “Wrapped” year in review feature boosts their growth | by Growth Academy — The growth strategy course by leaders from Silicon Valley

’Tis the season when your social media is overflowing with your friends’ Spotify year-end wrap ups — and this year, they’ve even topped it all off with a personalized ‘Your Decade Wrapped’ curation.¹

Using Spotify’s language, the extremely high shareability and intent of this feature makes Spotify’s year-end wrap-up a true contestant for “Growth Feature of the Decade”. It’s certainly no accident that the playlists and listening stats from Spotify’s year-end reviews consistently go viral, year after year.² From a Growth Hacking perspective, the concept and execution of this feature is genius, and way more than just an obvious delight…

What your business can learn from Silicon Valley’s approach to grow customers

By Nikolas Vogt
Ex-Growth Marketing Lead, Google Assistant | Founder, Growth Academy | Guest speaker, Santa Clara University

Growth Hacking is not just a buzzword in Silicon Valley. It is a core competence that leading tech companies have developed to systematically grow their customer base. I have worked in several global growth roles at Google over the last 7 years. During that time I realized there is a fundamental difference in how successful tech companies in Silicon Valley approach growth challenges compared to the rest of the world. …

Nikolas Vogt

Founder, Growth Academy ● ex-Growth Lead, Google ● Speaker, Santa Clara University ● Uplevel your growth career:

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