A brief behind the scenes examination of what happens when an app/developer runs a SQL query to fetch data from a PostgresDB database.

Where does meat come from? Photo by Vlad Chețan from Pexels

Get on the hype train for Big Data in Kubernetes with this Spark tutorial

Match made in heaven? Sources: Spark Logo, k8s Logo, Emoji

Jump and run in this brief introduction to Big Data

What data at most big companies in 2020 looks like. Seriously.
  • Learn a lot of definitions (yay)
  • Spin up a Hadoop cluster with a few bells and whistles via docker-compose.
  • Understand Parquet files and how to convert your csv datasets into Parquet files.
  • Run SQL (technically HiveQL but it is very similar) queries on your…

This article should get you up and running with Process Mining and Celonis Snap and by the end you should be able to start deep diving into your company’s processes.

Photo by Omar Flores on Unsplash

Nikolay Dimolarov

I solve problems with software. I am a CTO, software engineer and product guy. https://www.dimolarov.com/

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