5 Reasons To Chose a Double Sim Phone

Sim card phones from two mobile operators are becoming more and more popular, and better models have this option. What, however, are the benefits of the two-sim device?

1. Cheaper Internet and Services
Many mobile operators offer different packet and messaging packages along with fast mobile Internet plans. However, in order to get all this, we often have to pay more. Huawei provides a practical solution with the two-socket P10, which enables us to use two SIM cards with different types of telephony service or quality mobile internet by different operators.

2. Balance between professional and private life
There are two choices and both are not good: either use a number for both professional and personal contacts, or you have to carry two phones with you. In the first case, you can not get away from the job even after you leave the office or take a rest — you will not shut down your phone because you will completely break off your contact with the world. The second option is also not a good choice — your pockets are full of two phones. The third, better than the previous two options, is a dual-sided smartphone that combines work and personal life, while enabling you to differentiate them at any time.

3. Better coverage everywhere!
Every operator tries to provide the best possible services available, but considering the different business and technical features, they do not always succeed in achieving it. As a result, some providers have better infrastructure, better coverage in some areas, and others offer more bandwidth, higher quality or lower prices. When choosing your mobile operator, you need to decide which one is more important to you or just take a two-sim smartphone!

4. Do you need more memory?
Very often, for technical reasons, smartphones with two sim cards have certain limitations: the second sim card occupies an additional memory slot on the devices. Therefore, in most cases, the user must choose whether they prefer a dual sim card and a slow (typically 16–32 GB) built-in memory card for photos, videos, and applications, or a single sim card that gives the option of adding a microSD card. The Huawei P10 offers 64GB of built-in memory and the Huawei P10Plus — 128GB, freeing us from worries about free space for photos, without taking the place of a second sim card.

5. Safety
There is a reason why in all places where continuity is critical — whether nuclear power or creative agency with large customers — all vital systems and data are at least double-secured with a two-sided device. For a dual sim phone, the second card of another operator turns into a backup plan in case of a sudden collapse in the operator’s network or the unfortunate situation to stop the card for an unpaid account.

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