7 500 B.C. The Flood In The Black Sea. Studies legends and disputes

The end of the most ancient civilization, created in Bulgarian lands in the Balkans is associated not only exhausted the possibilities for further economic growth of the then society but above all occurred profound climate changes and natural disasters in the V thousand. Etc. . Ch.

A special place in the study of these changes takes and scientific hypothesis which defends the thesis that the great flood occurred in the Black Sea region. Ancient its shores, which occurred near the oldest civilization, flooding and drainage are silent witnesses to the passage of geologic and human history.

The Flood was in Black Sea

Almost 30 years after the first provocative results related finding in the Black Sea at a depth of 93 m in the remains of a Neolithic settlement and problematic “Plate Noah” renewed research team of prof. Petko Dimitrov and Prof. William Ryan of Columbia University confirmed by new scientific arguments which received wide international recognition long hypothesis. The main geological evidence of a flood in the Black Sea is the presence of an old waterfront pool, modern depths of 90–120 meters, with over 8 thousand. Years, whose dune formations found and “Noah’s plate”, the presence of geo-dissaster organogenic sediments in the deep Black Sea basin and the emergence of hydrogen sulfide contamination.

They prove that the current Black Sea 7500 years ago was a large freshwater lake with no connection to the ocean. The level of t. Pomegranate. “Neurexin” pool was approximately 90–120 meters lower than today, and today shelf represented drought. With the warming of the Earth average temperature happen to 5o C higher than today.

Black Sea Flood Map

The ongoing intensive melting of glaciers dramatically risen global sea levels, the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea. Saltwater overcomes the natural barrier Bosphorus and catastrophically poured into freshwater Black Lake. Its level rose by 15–18 cm. Per day and the water swept the land of 2–2.5 km. inside the then stores. The ancient shores of the former lake remained at about 90 km. offshore. Black Sea basin that was the true ecological collapse. From the salty ocean water died freshwater flora and fauna. Deep-occurring hydrogen sulfide layer that exists today.

Bellow the surface many stone made villages could be found

The most developed human civilization VI-V millennium BC. BC. originated namely the Black Sea Basin gone, driven away by natural disasters and appeared later barbarian tribes. Traces of this natural disaster affected the interior of ancient Bulgarian lands. Studies of the Bulgarian-Japanese team of the settlement mound in Dyadovo, Nova under the guidance of prof. D. Gergova shows that between the layers of the late Stone-Age and the early Bronze Age lying layer without cultural relics (hiatus), which is formed on for more than 1000 years — from the end of V mill. BC. BC. by the end of IV thousand. BC. BC. New research will certainly provide a more objective picture of the natural and historical events from the distant past. But now it can say that high culture and knowledge of this most ancient civilization were irretrievably lost.

Perhaps precisely Flood survivors and displaced to its creators, have laid the foundations of the Sumerian civilization in Mesopotamia, they have left a trail and knowledge of ancient Egypt. The crash that occurred and where was born the Black Sea, inspired the eternal story of the flood and accidental namely Sumerians claimed that their knowledge was acquired from another time after the flood.