A Rural Property For Free in Bulgaria. It is Possible!

An initiative started up by several enthusiasts is about to bring to live many Bulgarian villages, abandoned by their residents during the last 25 years. According to the official stats, 144 villages in the country have not a single inhabitant. Many of the just prefer big cities. Settlements without permanent residents are divided into 14 districts. Record holder in the sad statistics Gabrovo region where 57 villages are without inhabitants. In Veliko Tarnovo, a number of these settlements is 39, third-ranked Kardzhali District 9. Villages without people there are in the Sofia region — 6, Blagoevgrad, Bourgas and Smolyan — 5, Haskovo — 4 Lovech, Stara Zagora and Targovishte 3, Vidin and Plovdiv — 2 and Pernik — 1. The same statistics 10 years ago shows that the settlements without inhabitants in the country were 92.

The largest village in the country to Silistra Aydemir with 6752 inhabitants. Second and third rank villages from district town with 6112 inhabitants Lozen and Kazichane with 5015 inhabitants. The most interesting are that Aydemir in the number of residents has more than 141 cities in the country. Lozen ahead on this indicator 136 cities and Kazichane — only 118. A decade smallest town in the country Melnik, at the end of last year it had a population of 367 inhabitants.

Recently more and more people are looking back to the villages as a source of nature, clean are and fresh vegetables. As a result, a few years ago an initiative started in Bulgaria. Many owners that have an abandoned house, suitable for leaving, are offering their property for free rental. Ok once again — free rental. The new residents just have to look after the house and keep the garden in propper look. This approach is getting more and more popular. However, there are more people, offer free houses, that families, willing to live for free in a rural area.

“I propose a house to live completely free — for maintenance of buildings and courtyard indefinitely. Will provide building materials for repairs it needs. It was not lived more than 10 years, needs repairs, but not essential. “

“A young family with two kids looking for rental housing in Pernik or Trãn villages. In Pernik everywhere want some hiring forward, which is unbearable for us if anyone knows anything about this property or have let me write a personal message, I would be very grateful. “

It read messages in the group on Facebook “Rental NOT rent.” The initiative was launched a year ago by Irena Nencheva. Irena is an actress many years in Puppet Theater in Burgas and believes that Bulgarians have lost their senses about the value of life in the countryside, hoping to turn. She always wanted a house in a village. In recent years, buying one in a nice village near Burgas begins to process and ground.

Abandoned farmhouse in. Stoyanovo, Tran. Photo: Ivan Bakalov
“Rental NOT rent” is set against the backdrop of massive depopulation of villages, pillaging and destruction of rural houses. According to current statistics in Bulgaria there are 1130 villages with a population between 1 and 49 people. And officially has 200 villages ghosts without any inhabitants, according to the Institute for the Study of Population and Human BAS these villages ghosts are at least 500. Therefore, the initiative is aimed at those people who want to live in the village permanently or temporarily .

“The houses are only the visible part of a much larger problem with the Bulgarian village. Some time ago I was doing laps around a village near Burgas to look for a house. While I walked, I saw how many houses in the region have remained empty. And I thought this — why not take someone to let me in the house, instead it continues to crumble … Ham will see to it that a farmer can have production … and shared his thoughts on a friend which was with me. She told me, ‘You’re crazy. “ And these words stung me so. How will I crazy ?! That’s so sensible idea. This is a problem with us, ostensibly normal to look at similar ideas like crazy. And then I said the following:
“Luda ​​I’ve been so you ?! Let’s see how crazy is still here. “ And I created the Facebook group “Rental rent free” last year. Initially, it was a secret group. Today there are nearly 9,000 people, half of whom are sympathizers, but it’s a lot. “

70% of people in the “Property without rent” looking for property management and 30% offer them. To date, there are seven “hits”, ie seven houses became subject to mutual agreement. On the two uploaded documents — one for search, the other — for the offering.
Irena denoted by “coincidence” arrangement between two people for the use of property — one is master of the house, which for some reason is unable to manage in practice and the other is a user of the house and be able to care for her. He maintained or in some cases — makes agricultural production.
“The coincidence is something very specific. This is a very special case and to reach this specific information to more people, we need many people are aware of this idea, “says Irena.

Restored farmhouse with. Draganitsa Montana. Photo: Veselina Dimitrova
Among realized listings is finding someone to take care of property near Belovo, as the owner says dozens of people responded to his message.
Another person found a counter interest is a woman of Pleven, proposed a suburban house on two conditions — care for her two dogs and regular payment of supplies.

Another woman has responded with her husband to offer both managed property in the village since September last year. The owners of the house are from the same village and the two families help each other. Life in the country is an opportunity for the woman and her husband “to gain experience in rural life” after years to find a permanent place to live.

Asked what are the people who offer and looking farmhouses, Irena meets the following:

“As in life, and there is disrespect that emanates from some ads and underestimation of the specificity of the whole idea. We have given examples — you must indicate where and what he was looking for. This is a very specific task. There are people who try just one sentence, for example: “I am looking house near Plovdiv”. There are people who write great ads, with outstanding detail telling what they do, what dream … There are people who like place an ad, you just want to give them the house! And when you see adverts others prefer to leave your house to collapse. “

Asylum estate in the words of Irena are a variety of different ages. There are whole families, old women looking for a place to live or someone for whom to care. Among them there are mothers with children, homeless or lonely people. The houses that are available are also different among them “very good”, wood, brick, etc. Irena notes that no listings for abandoned industrial sites such as factory.

Contractual relations and caution

“I have a house in a village in central northern Bulgaria. The house is not small, with a large yard with all the necessary conditions it healthy. Processing yard 2700 m2 of which 800 sq. m vineyard. Processing absolutely entire yard, produce most kinds of vegetables. I want to start and livestock, small pet-goats, sheep, chickens, pork … something. But since I do not live in this house every day, I go there a week or two, respectively, can not raise animals. If anyone is interested in starting a life in the countryside? “Reads another message.

In addition, the buyer offered to provide food and feed for animals as “living” will receive output. He refrained from exact name of the village due to “certain reasons”.

People from “Property rent free” much thought to what the contractual relationship with one such collusion — whether there is a contract, what stands in it, whether tenants to keep invoices. Complex case is that if the landlord is working and part of the production gives hazayna. Model for such relations can not be given. At the same time people are “very cautious, very scared,” says Irena.

The group has no negativity or evil, speak member. Which afford something, it is blocked because this group “has no need for pessimism.”
“I do not believe, do not comment, let us build it … In our country it is a completely new idea, at least for most people, although Germany has a similar initiative of the state. And if there is a desolate village, offer a deserted house with a notional rent of 1 euro “.

“Even if the group will not develop as fast developing reality follow our ideas. And the more such ideas, changing things that we are used there, the better. Over time they materialize if supported. If enough people say “Yes” if everyone gave a small brick will become”.