Why Are Coworking Spaces Gaining So Much Popularity in Las Vegas? How Can They Help Your Business Grow

Small cubicles, dull office spaces all in gray, or working from your couch are all becoming less and less appealing. Simultaneously, small startups or individuals who have chosen the remote work path have different needs than what used to be the case 10 years ago. Much more attention is given to how a good working environment affects your productivity. I mean, look at corporate giants like Google, and their slides and relax zones. But what are the actual proven benefits of choosing a coworking space over a coffee shop or your grandma’s garage? We’ve gathered some of the major ones below, take a look.

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Co-Working Solutions Las Vegas

#1 Working with creative and independent individuals just like you.

Since there are so many people working on a variety of projects, coworking spaces naturally become the ideal environment for professional brain-picking, ideas swap and know-how exchange. Although open for all types of industry professionals, some tend to target specific markets. The IT segment is a major user of such spaces, for example. Bringing in people from similar trades and giving them a shared space where they can interact has an inspirational effect. This way the coworking space is an incubator for ideas that can propel your startup or business.

#2 Getting things done with the productivity boost you need

A recent post by the Harvard Business Review shares an insight on why freelancers, remote workers, and other independent professionals all make use of shared working spaces and state their work satisfaction rates at 6 points out of 7.

One of the reasons for that might be found in the fact that in a regular office environment, the feeling of hierarchy is way more intrusive. With other words, the direct corporate ladder climbing and department drama are eliminated. Instead, in a coworking space there are multiple teams and individuals who work on different projects in various industries. It’s a big melting pot where people are focused on productivity rather than anything else. After all, you are surrounded by like-minded people all striving for the success of their venture. And that in itself is a motivation-boost.

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#3 Location, location, location

Well, not only real-estate agents care about the location. For certain industries, occupying the right office in the right city can be their ticket to a successful venture. Of course, because the demand is so big, the prices get higher. So the challenge is to find the perfect space for your needs at an affordable enough price that won’t risk your company’s financial sustainability. If your startup is a promising venture but you’re far from being able to afford leasing your own office space (especially in Las Vegas, NV), a coworking space is the better alternative. It’s no secret that working from home is not viable either, defined by millions of distractions and limited space.

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Co-Working Solutions Las Vegas

#4 No bills to handle, all amenities needed within your reach

There are millions of studies out there that state the importance of visually pleasing working space for the quality of your work. Not just the way it looks but its functionality as well. High-speed internet, fast computers, printers, phones if needed for your business and many more amenities — all taken care of. The best part of all of this is that you won’t have to deal with getting them there, installing or repairing them. You can focus on what’s really important for your startup company.

#5 A space for all your meetings

Yes, meetings can sometimes be a waste of time. However, they are an integral part of any startup. Once things start getting real, you will probably have many of these scheduled. At some point, you’ll have to abandon the restaurant and coffee shops and adopt a more professional approach. When you startup grow, so do the expectations of potential investors and you should make the right impression from the get-go. And where you choose to meet your clients also counts. So think twice and get them to see you and your team care about choosing the best surroundings.

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#6 Some coworking spaces offer a lot of additional benefits

Many of the most popular coworking spaces nowadays go the extra mile for their tenants. Gone are the days when the latter were just a small room in an old building with a worn out interior. For example, at our very own coworking space, here in Las Vegas, NV, you can get operational support , outsourcing help and lots of opportunities for collaboration. On top of these, there are some bonuses like free coffee and donuts, which when you think about it can actually be very cost-effective. It’s something tiny but makes those late-nighters a 100% more enjoyable.

#7 Community is important

And last but not least, let’s look at the social aspect. One that is definitely not to be underestimated, sharing your workdays in a relaxed communal setting side by side with other motivated professionals is one the most prized benefits. Working alone at home might be fun in the beginning but it can actually cause social isolation and affect your mental health. That’s why it’s good to have other people around you and immerse yourself in a working environment even if your job can allow a more solitary lifestyle.

The sense of belonging to a community is one of the basic needs we all have, not just career-wise. Choosing a coworking space gives you the ideal opportunity to elevate your startup by building strong industry relationships that last. And that’s invaluable no matter what stage your entrepreneurship is in.

A Quick Re-Cap

From what we’ve covered in this article, it becomes crystal clear how coworking spaces have been slowly but steadily redefining the way we think and feel about work. Productivity and networking with like-minded independent individuals are put on a pedestal there. On the financial side, they are also good for your business as they have a different level of commitment to space and they offer flexible membership options. Most importantly, though, finding a coworking space in which your team will thrive could be the force that fuels the productivity and success of your business while keeping your employees happy and satisfied.

And if that’s not the most important peak that any company, startup up or individual should strive to reach, then what is?

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