Online Reputation — Building And Managing

Each company, person or organization is leaving its digital footprint in the network directly or indirectly. The direct trace is left when you make a website, publish materials yourself, keep your page or profile on social networks. Indirect trace is left of what people talk about you in social networks of posts and comments on blogs, posts on forums, articles in the media.
Direct and indirect digital footprint that keeps the network for a name (of a person, company, product, geographic object) develops the online reputation.

Why is online reputation extremely important?

Over 80% of video on TV product names and marks are checked online. If someone decides to rest in a hotel, he checked the comments about it from other people resting there. When someone wants to buy a new phone or laptop before it checks whether no comments for manufacturing problem in this model and what software. If you want to buy the property from a company will see if by chance it is not deceptive. In such inspections person may enter the site, providing official information on the subject, as will fall and dozens of other sites with comments on the topic personal experiences of users and any other information.
In 2007, when I had a proposal from several companies to buy my site, I did check people and owners of these companies. What I found some of them were mostly business news — who bought what, why, how much, where he studied, etc. One of the potential buyers, however, stumbled upon a judgment which made it clear that he was sued by his former employer so that he broke his contract and a number of clauses in it. This immediately eliminates this person as an option for future negotiations. This is online reputation into action.

How can you prevent this?

Online reputation management is a service representing a continuous process that should be done by every company and person who considers herself an important part of their business.
Proper management of online reputation includes elements of PR, elements of marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), psychology and behavioral medicine … and some things I will miss intentionally.
The combination of all these techniques can form a positive experience for your users on Facebook, Twitter, those who search for you on Google and those who speak to you on the 

Primitive manage your online reputation

Since the topic is written quite a few on the net, many people believe that online reputation is just someone to talk positively about them anytime on any topic. For example, party hires companies dealing with similar services with the idea to always have positive comments about them in articles in the Capital,, or other media. So, however, achieved the opposite effect — you have an article about a politician accused of corruption or involvement in such vote-buying, but comments sharply positive. There’s another case — a political party a great success, which will affect tens of generations, but … the comments are extremely negative, as if commenting or have not read the article or have another problem … Because sometimes you just can not tell black white and vice versa. This process will monitor it around all elections, and between them, since the party trolls are always available to speak evil of the enemy — thus creating a wave of discontent and sometimes even the staunchest fans of the opponent may wonder if you really there is nothing wrong with this in principle good news.
Yet this model has been successful in the most primitive strata of society — people who can be manipulated easily, no clearly established principles and values.

How to manage online reputation?

First and most important is to remember that this is not done by the managers of the companies nor their secretaries or someone who does not understand this. The negative effects can sometimes be so large that instead ‘’ to spell eyebrows eyes gouged out. ‘’ The best solution is to hire a company that within a minimum of 12 months to perform for your strategy to provide the long-term impact on the mind of your name or brand. A period of 12 months is critical minimum in larger companies this process is continual, in order to give proper effect.

Start early. The most common management of online reputation gets calls late at night or very early morning when no one company/product / individual has a problem and the fire already burning. As you know, fire can have more than one fireplace and may be too late for it to be extinguished. It is in every crisis. Then the effect of the activity is less, sometimes not felt, but in the best case, this service will only reduce damage in a crisis.

If you time hires a management team of online reputation, it will identify possible trouble spots, will prepare for them, will work hard so that when it appears even the beginnings of a crisis, it can be suppressed in the bud without cause damage to business or reputation of the person.

Moreover — in business, it is often relatively easy to predict when to expect an attack from competition or what might have consumer attitudes for specific information. For example, before the time N-wire made rebranding of their logo. This project has been planned for months. It had involved a huge amount of companies and employees to be rebranded at the same time cars, shops, online services, etc. On the day of the presentation of the new logo of the company with millions of users happen, which is a nightmare for any marketing manager — rising tide of negativity in Facebook, which was never controlled. Under the publication of the new logo were raining negative comments one after another and, of course, following the psychology of the crowd, even those which logo they liked commented negatively to associate with the table and with the “authorities” who simply declare logo bin. In the situation had paid commentators who keep the flame of negativity. At the same time by one telecom company does not have the team to neutralize the attack. For several days Facebook walls of most people in the country were flooded with negative comments and parodies this new logo.

From a furniture company also experienced a similar attack days before their official opening in media trumpeted false, malicious information about the Swedish company.
Recently there were a scandal beetles sausages, as dozens of websites published false information by an organization that does not exist and an expert who never such statements. If the Association of Meat Processors actively managed their online reputation, it would never happen.

What will you bring the proper management of online reputation?

Everything! Proper management of online reputation can achieve unprecedented success in promoting those ideas, information, opinions, suggestions or whatever you want. I and my team dealing solely with the management of a positive online reputation, but few companies that specialize in defamation of products, companies, services and people. The reason for not dealing with negative online reputation is that we are looking for the real impact of their work, and anyone who believes that negativity can achieve success lie.

The reason is that when I outlined the logo of a telecommunication company, it does not mean that consumers will come right at you and even that anyone will ever come. If downgraded a party or politician that does not mean more success for you. If people stop buying from a furniture company, it does not mean it will come to your shop -They can choose one of the hundreds on the market. Therefore we specialize in the positive reputation and we recommend always to use only those techniques and practices as they deliver real results aimed specifically at you, not harming someone without a clear purpose.