The largest Winery in the world — over 300 km underground tunnels. In Moldavia

A miracle called cellar “Milena Michi” is written in the book of Guinness World Records. Underground corridors with a length of 200 km are dug in layers of limestone rocks at depths between 35 and 80 meters. And this is not the only such cellar in Moldova. Construction was started in 1969 in front of the Moldovan state wine company “Milena Michi” which is still state. Used old galleries for extraction of limestone, but have been extended, made by streets.

Red wine Cabernet Sauvignon 1986, produced and aged in the cellar “Milena Mitchie.” Photo: Site Campaign
Milena Mitchie said and village below which was built huge cellar Winery. The tunnels are scattered over an area about 55 square kilometers and go underground to the suburbs of Chisinau, which is 10–12 km from the village.
Some of the tunnels have names such as streets and avenues, some are named as varieties — Aligote, Vladimir Distillers has specialized, Muscat, Cabernet. Moving it to the automobile, workers use bikes to tourists offer tours on foot, on selected streets. Much of the dungeons are occupied for technological needs, here is made and winemaking.

In underground temperature remains between 12 and 14 degrees, humidity 85–95%, ideal conditions for maturing wine.

The winery store approximately 2 million. Bottles of wine, the oldest vintages are beginning — 1969 Part of the dungeons are occupied with barrels of different sizes, mainly of Russian and Ukrainian oak.
Moldova was one of the major wine producers in the Soviet market in the past. After the collapse of the USSR hardly able to export to the West, mainly with lots of mature here collections of old vintages.

And the production of new companies to foreign investors who have built wineries and have secured market them abroad.
But Moldova reserves the Russian market and former Soviet republics. After Russia imposed embargo on Georgian goods duties of Bulgarian, Moldovan wines found a wider market.
Since is listed in the Guinness Book winery collects more and more tourists each year.

The second largest winery in the world “Krikova”

It is also Moldovan and is also some 10 km from Chisinau. Its underground corridors are “only” 120 km, but call it the underground city. They also have names of streets named after grape varieties. Founded in 1952 to become a cellar used corridors of galleries for extraction of limestone, started from the 15th century and dug for centuries. The stone used in the construction of the city of Chisinau.

The winery is the second largest, but it seems more ancient and more representative, so all heads of state and important guests who visited Moldova, bring them here. In addition to wine Dungeons winery has a restaurant with a few rooms. Locals boast that one of their 50 the birthday is celebrated, Vladimir Putin.

Any rich are flocking here and many of them give the store their collections of wine. The rent is 1 euro per bottle per year. Some leave 2–3 thousand. Bottles personal collections, and pay 2–3 thousand. Per year. A place for those who want — a lot. Here is piled up after World War Two huge wine collection of Hermann Goering, it has saved more bottles.

Champagne wines aged in the cellar “guarding”. Photo: Official website of winery
Here his collection supports Russian President Putin, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian Patriarch Kirill. The president of “LUKOIL” Vagit Alekperov is little known that there is here a collection. Besides his guilt kept numerous known and unknown rich.

In Moldova, there are several giant underground cellars as wine “Purcarete” built in the late 19th century as a stone mansion. In its dungeons are now stored wines with vintages back to 1951 Dungeons are occupied also by barrels.

Cellar “guarding” is the 60 meters depth in the stone hills, dungeons total area to 58 kilometers.
Only a northern location of Moldova and the lack of experience in modern winemaking has not yet turned the country into a major world exporter of quality wines. She is now in the top ten of the largest exporters in the world but cheap bulk wines mainly to the countries of the former USSR and Eastern Europe.

Investors will quickly orient and develop the production of white and sparkling wines there (which are more suitable for northern regions) using the available huge cellars in the country that are world tourist attraction.
Currently in Moldova is becoming more and more popular unionist koto movement that wants the country to unite with Romania.