Tryvna: A hidden mountain gem with crystal air and long history

I am sharing few words about a Bulgarian city Tryavna, located in the middle of the country in high mountains. It is a typical mountain town with preserved cultural traditions dated back in time since middle ages. Here was born the famous School of Painting, scattered works of their painters throughout the country, Romania, Wallachia, Moldova.

The city jealously guards its Renaissance roots. Lovely is a whole street with over 200 annual Renaissance houses, the old square with the clock tower and Slaveykov School, stone bridge, dug into the ground “St. Michael “big church” St. George “, which is sung deacon Vasil Levski.

Tryavna Panorama View

Notable museums of Triavna: School Daskalovata house with sun ceilings memory of the bet of the two masters, Raykov and Kalinchevata houses, the house of Angel, the house of Slaveykovi, Museum icon Museum of Asian and African art, the art gallery.

Tryavna has preserved its Renaissance spirit and high culture. People are relaxed and friendly, love their city and work for its preservation and future.

High ground Koychovtsi neighborhood is typical Stara Planina village with old houses, stone fences flower and vegetable gardens, orchards, and meadows covered with primroses and geranium. Beauty and fresh air of the village writer Marco Semov wrote beautiful words in his book about Japan.

Here’s spent the summer associate of Botev and Levski Ivan Drasov. Lovely is the house in which he welcomed his friend Stefan Stambolov. There’s a legend that it Stambolov has given funds to build the rural stone fountain.

Tryvna traditional House

The meadows above the village and near the Forest home were a favorite place for walking and recreation Petko Slaveykov and populous his brood. In Slaveykov meadows and today, Tryavna and tourists love to walk, captivated by the enchanting views of the nearby mountains.

End neighborhood pass several hiking trails: for Plachkovtsi Krastets peak Bulgarka and cried rock grandfather Vazov where visible outlines of Veliko Tarnovo.

Forest home has several short tourist route convenient for amateurs and advanced.

Immediately south of the courtyard began cool beech forest. After the first kilometer was, they see Buzludzha and Shipka.

A traditional house: Internal view